Discovery and enlightenment

FavoritePasttimeThe intentional time taken to discover who we really are carries great enlightenment.  We are all unique, special and quite complex.  Being in gratitude produces optimum results.

It unveils the truth and opens up great opportunity for the future. Your perception of your station in life, your morals and code of ethic are a foundation; are you stable and growing?

Searching and accepting reality then modifying it to the benefit of all around you; that is a choice worth considering.

Why settle; why remain where you are when you can stretch your vision and achieve so very much more? Hmm, choices.  Do I want more, less or to remain right where I am?  How does it impact those around me?

Providing your focus is on others; what manifests from there is quite rewarding.

That circle of life has a way of enriching our thoughts and rewards.  Our perception, if relatively accurate, will be overflowing with gratitude.

Give of yourself without expectations of a return.  Listen, show you care and be compassionate toward their situation in order to receive more.

Ask NOW, what can I do for you, NOT what can you do for me.

CSea Perkins

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