The road less traveled, overlooking the obvious to achieve success

it is worth it, photo by Rick Anderson

it is worth it, photo by Rick Anderson

For millenniums people find comfort in being oblivious to the obvious.

That is where that 80 / 20 or 90 / 10 rule applies once again.  Possibly 10 – 20% actually travel the less obvious road to success and the other 80 – 90% take the common, most published, most talked about and practiced route.  The success lies in the 10-20% taking risk and creating reward.

Whether you label yourself an Analyst, Consultant, Auditor, Realtor, Salesperson, CEO or small business owner, your success is in direct proportion to the road you traveled to get there.  There are many untraveled roads, short cuts and highway’s to satisfy our dreams.

Some obvious and overlooked essentials in achieving your goal, aka KISS (the keep it super simple) principle:

  • Fact Find / Needs Assessment
  • Meet with decision maker(s) to confirm your findings and find out what they really need to meet or exceed the plan they were charged with.  There is a map (job description) that a CEO, Fleet Manager, GM or maintenance person must comply with.  These people are more motivated than ever to achieve and do it in style!
  • Quote a proposed annual expense reduction
  • Pre-close, example:  if we show you a 5-8% reduction after product purchase, are you in a position to and will you authorize purchases as a loyal customer?
  • Place Order and closely monitor its delivery, usage and results.  Grow the relationship.

Yes, your posturing, the research, the letters, team coordination, strategy sessions, the calls, the pitfalls are all steps in providing the end goal / solution to the potential customer.  Focus on the results, all the necessary steps are a process we are quite familiar with.  You team, the collaboration between them and your Customer is a ongoing process.

Have fun, challenge yourself and remember that for you to earn through sharing powerful solutions is a very good thing. Do not fear the drastic increase in income; you created a far greater expense reduction for someone else.  You are being economically / environmentally responsible.

Some call it profit sharing, without legalese.  Some call it being the best salesperson on the universe, even when labeled a laborer.  Be the best dang problem seeker and solver you can and increase those profits.

CSea Perkins

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