Ultimate Freedom – not just a dream

Crystal Mill, CO by Rick Anderson

Autumn in CO - gold Aspen, by Rick Anderson

The journey to achieve ultimate freedom is met by some, yet not by all. Increase your odds of achieving freedom by mastering the art of forgiveness.  Powerful words with very rewarding results.

Personally speaking, backed with more experience than I care to recall, I’ve learned to forgive the mistakes, the rude comments, impatience and verbal abuse I imposed upon myself.  What a royal waste of time beating up on myself because I ‘was lazy or made excuses, ‘could have responded differently’ or ‘I should have done it with more enthusiasm”, etc.  The shoulda / woulda / coulda’s have no place in my life any more.  No blame or excuses, just gratitude.  Oh, what a relief it is!

It was easier than I thought to accomplish the transformation.  I recognized my weaknesses and chose to change them. How I perceived myself, mind you, not necessarily how others perceived me.  (‘perception’ deserves an article.  That is another one of those high-impact words never mirrored).

My freedom was truly achieved when I started naming what I am grateful for rather than what I was missing in life or didn’t like about myself, others or my circumstances. By focusing my attention on others, their genuine needs, helping without expecting a return and giving thanks for all I have in life, the freedom rang, loudly.  I still have that list and add to it daily.  Good habits sure beat the bad ones.

The list, of why one is in an attitude of gratitude, is a tool to eternal / real forgiveness.  This allows us to create more, dream more and achieve more.  Achieving our ultimate dreams is freedom.  Don’t you agree?

Freedom holds a different meaning for each of us, possibly as difficult to describe as faith; or not!

  • What does ultimate freedom mean to you?
  • Do you see your way to achieving it sooner by eliminating the obstacles?
  • Do you see where you are creating some if not all of those obstacles?

These were a few questions to help you remove denial and blame by taking responsibility and ownership of your future.

Our choices are limitless and the stumbling blocks are stepping stones to your destiny.  With the same ease that you are reading this article, you are equipped to achieve your goals.

‘Photoshop’ your future.  Draw it out in your mind’s eye.  What do you hear, smell, see and feel?  Is it the life you always dream of?  Are those you love the most there with you?  Are you happy and healthy?  Spend time to really experience these thoughts.

We all design our life and need to accept we are where we are because of our thoughts, words, actions and every one of your experiences from birth stored in your subconscious put us here.

If we are not where we want to be; we must change it.  First, eliminate all the things in your way; it may be a long list so I’d get started if I were you.  If it is a short list, I’d get started right away!  That is, if you really want what you perceive yourself to want.  There is that word again!

Second, know what it is you really want in life, map it out, modify it when beneficial to achieve it and ‘upgrade’ as appropriate. Challenge yourself more; forgive others, may be a larger task but even more rewarding for you in the short- and long-run.  Delight in the growth of your achievements only when you reach your definition of freedom.  Choose those words wisely.  Trust and believe in YOU.

©2009 CSea Perkins, all rights reserved and copyrighted.

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