Not all vegetables, lawn mowers or pets are the same – close the deal

where are my vegetables?

where are my vegetables?

What in the world do vegetables, lawn mowers and pets have in common?

The uniqueness only, a wide variety to choose from and that no two are the same.  You must  pre-close yourself when choosing that final decisions  Hmm, sound familiar? As when speaking with a prospect or client?

No two people, their thoughts, their words or their actions are the same. So many factors to consider, gets jumbled and put on the shelf, so to speak.  Put off until another day.  Keep It Super Simple (KISS) to the point, beneficial to both sides and proceed.

The same holds true with the vegetables you purchase from the organic or non-organic farmer or produce section.  So much information flowing about the good and bad, the green washing, speculation, doubt, and of course, the economy.

We all have different requirements on which lawn mower is best for our needs and goodness gracious, the pets.  How does one determine if the pet our child chose is the right one to bring home?

We all agree the choices and repercussions of the decision will vary greatly.  We need to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of any situation.

We are all unique, very special and have a genius within us.  Know how special you are, give thanks and most definitely numerous pats on the back every day.  Tomorrow, earn yourself more!

working together to close a sale

working together to close a sale

So, let’s take the uniqueness and leverage it to improve our pre-close and / or closing skills.

ASK, don’t TELL. Ok, now you have the pertinent information that the Prospect cares about.

PRESENT those solutions in a simple, straight forward manner and focus on:

  • Application Description ((the problem(s) you solved))
  • Cost Analysis
  • Benefits
  • Time-line
  • Profits (annualized or projected over a 3-5 year span)  the longer, the greater the impact!

If you are unable to identify these factors, why are you there wasting your time and theirs?

Get your priorities straight.  When connecting with your Prospect after the fact finding sessions, all they have time for is the benefits analysis that will help them.

OBSTACLE and ASSET:  Not all fuel additives were created equal.

Do you believe that the electronics / wireless industries are here to stay? Your darn tooten they are.  And why can you say that so definitively?  Because there are a million people employed to constantly improve  technology and release ‘newer versions’.

Why then doesn’t everyone believe that FLIglobal has done the same?  Historical perception! Overcome the past and demonstrate how current technology beats all previous attempts.

We do not walk in failure, we stand tall and represent the newest, most effective fuel additives on the market.  Our commitment to protecting and defending the economy, the environment and supporting alternative energy are paramount!

If a prospect has not seen the nanotechnology products and results; help them understand this is like no other previous gas pill, power or potion; these products actually work.  They immediately begin treating the upper and lower engine with a gentle cleaning process to remove carbon buildup.

You all know the other benefits but are you effectively communicating them to the businesses and people that will agree to save money and reduce toxic carbon emissions?

We are a team and responsible to each other to insure we do share the information in a manner that benefits the recipient.  Connect with your team, get over any yips and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world.

Most importantly, increase your knowledge, confidence and selling skills if you want to grow personally and professionally.

Do you want your income to be the same in 6 months as it is now?  If you don’t know how to triple it, ask us!

We offer an opportunity for people to be paid green by helping others be green, save money and reduce their stress.  How many opportunities have you seen where the solution pays for itself, you get paid for it and the customer even saves money?  Green jobs available NOW!

We encourage you to put them in the COMMENTS box below.

CSea Perkins

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