New U.S. Fuel Standards will ‘Impact Vehicle Safety’

EddieWrenEddie Wren

President & Chief Instructor, Advanced Drivers of America

16 September, 2009
….Lighter Cars Carry Risks
….Vehicle safety also may be impacted.

NHTSA said automakers could make lighter cars to meet the new standards. Smaller, lighter vehicles fare poorer in collisions with larger vehicles.
Under a worst-case scenario, NHTSA said the new requirements would result in an estimated 493 additional “weight-related” auto deaths from 2016 models. Under that scenario, nearly 1,100 additional people could die over the lifetime of the 2012-16 models, with about 250 of those through 2020. The fatalities would have a net societal cost of up to $15 billion.
But NHTSA emphasized that automakers could improve efficiency without reducing weight and mitigate those estimates.
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said “it’s going to be up to the automobile manufacturers to decide the weight and how they’re going to meet these standards.”….
From “New fuel standard rolls in at 34.1 mpg,” in the Detroit News, at:

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