Ellie Marks speaking to Congress about cell phone dangers

We at FLIglobal closely follow global facts about EMF / EMR electromagnetic frequencies of non-ionizing radiation, the pros and the cons (as perceived by many Scientists and Physicians).

We offer a cell harmonizer that neutralizes the non-ionizing frequencies from harming the people in the range of that cell, mobile or cordless phones and their base stations.

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  1. We even have school on an old Army bomb training ground. In the process of moving the portables now to locate and discharge more bombs. Ever since the glut of toxins following WWII, we got creative (I say that tongue in cheek)

  2. Many schools across the country were built on top of closed dumps containing cancer-causing chemicals. Perhaps Richard Farver’s tragic death was caused by exposure to carcinogens beneath SDSU or the high school he attended.

  3. N W Payne Dobbs

     /  May 18, 2010

    I beleive the cell phones (EMF) do pose harm as well as the Bluetube’s head sets!

  4. I have recently bought point zero fields energy products from a company called Amega Global. One product which I love is the amega pendant. It will protect you from any cell phone. They are very attractive also. Go to “wandtheworld.com” you can look at products there. The pendant is proven to let anything break your energy shields
    Therefore disease can not get in.

    These products will save your life.

  5. I’m writing in behalf of my Son, Richard Blaine Farver,(Rich). Rich, died Oct.11,2008 from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer. Rich was a kid that always had a cell phone glued to his head, like millions of other users. His tumor was in his right frontal lobe, and he was right handed!! I found articles on the internet in August, 09 referring to my Son. Rich was a graduate student at SDSU in San Diego, CA. 4 men, 2 died in 2008,(one being Rich), from glios, and 1 gentleman is currently battling a primary malignant brain tumor. These articles are about a ‘Cancer Cluster,’ at SDSU. There is a particular building and room, ‘Nasatir Hall, Room 131.’ There is a cell tower next to the building. I have NO DOUBTS, cell phones caused my Son’s death!!! He was getting electromagnetic waves from his cell, as well as this tower! This has destroyed our lives! Rich, was the LOVE of my life, and I’m left with overwhelming depression. I DO NOT want another person or family go through this! Rich was only 28 when we recieved his diagnosis, and died 7 months later!! Everyone, please heed this warning!!!


    Virginia Farver

  1. Disconnect | Wireless Radiation Safety Council
  2. TheAverageJoeNewsBlogg » WHO: Cell Phone Use Can Increase Possible Cancer Risk

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