The rewards of goal setting

path between home and morning swim passing the garden

path between home and morning swim passing the garden

Over the years I have been able to focus and achieve far more when goals had been put in place and monitored. The monitoring, the comittment and execution all equally important.  The achievement felt was nourishment to do it all over again.  This led to working with many people, different responsibilities and industry’s and goals.

The constant in all these sessions was the impressive and rapid growth of achievement when people connect to the idea and then actually using it. Set yourself up to succeed continually, rather than stay where you are.  Share your skill with others and encourage them to JUST DO IT.

Whether you have a passion for helping people, creating more green jobs or just achieving something; set the goals and put a time-line on each… CSea


Important Lessons Learned from Goal Setting

The very first formal business goal that I set for myself was a financial income goal. I was working as a Yellow Pages Directory Advertising Consultant and I had a small monthly salary and the majority of my income was commissioned based.

I determined how much I wanted to earn for the year, deducted my salary, and then divided the remainder by the number of working days in the year. Now I knew how much commission earnings I needed every day in order to stay on track towards my goal. At the end of each working day before leaving the office I would do a quick calculation to determine where I stood (ahead, behind or on the mark). By the end of the year I ended up earning $3000.00 beyond my goal and my earnings for the year were approximately $23000.00 more than the average rep had earned.

I learned some very important life lessons going through this exercise
and have since applied the same principles towards many other goals that I have set for myself. I would have to say that the most important lesson that I learned was that having a daily focus and the discipline to stick with the goal made a huge difference towards arriving at my intended outcome. This was the beginning of my passion for formalized goal setting because it made me realize how powerful it could be.

My question to you is what is your story? Please share the one key life lesson that you’ve learned from becoming a dedicated goal setter. What has made you want to take it to the next level by cementing a written contract with yourself?

by Marshall W. Northcott, Canada’s Sales Expert

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