Great Valley (Chester County PA) School Buses use BioDiesel

To those effectively working with Schools, here is justification to introduce our fuel additives to further improve their position.


Great Valley School District

The Great Valley School District (Chester County, PA) is the FIRST school district to switch to B20 biodiesel for its bus fleet.  B20 is a blend of 20% bio fuel and 80% diesel.

” … assistance from The Energy Cooperative to make the transition to B20 and a state grant to pay for the added cost … received a $28,340 Alternative Incentive Fuels Grant (AFIG) … to pay for the incremental cost of using biodiesel … estimates it will use approximately 130,000 gallons of B20 …”

” … AFIG grants … administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, are intended to improve Pennsylvania’s air quality and to reduce dependency on foreign energy sources.”

“Biodiesel is a cleaner, biodegradable, and nontoxic alternative fuel .… can be used as a pure fuel (B100) or blended with petroleum such as in the popular B20 blend …”
” … B20 blend will reduce annual air pollution by approximately 1,919 pounds of carbon monoxide … 173 pounds of particulate matter … 227 pounds of hydrocarbons … 119 pounds of sulfur dioxide … and 435,267 pounds of carbon dioxide …”
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