Hummer reducing toxic carbon

defend env logo 160x160A note from Brad Young.  This am at a network coffee, we received a testimonial from a new eeFuel customer who drives a Hummer.  He was getting 8 mpg and on his first tank, thinks he is getting 11 mpg.
That’s a 37.5% increase! Needless to say, he is very intrigued and happy!


Change Begins with Choice

change is a given

change is a given

We have discussed choice and adapting to change so many times and will continue to discuss it.  These words create very empowering results, when you allow them that is!  Take a read on Jim Rohn’s thoughts.  His wisdom encourages us to think, in different ways and to choose effectively.

Change is a given, it is inevitable that it will occur every nanosecond of every day.  You cannot control most events, you can however, control how you ‘react’ to them.

Look at the earthquake and aftershocks yesterday; the result was a tsunami.  Unexpected, unplanned and unprotected.  Expect greatness and teach yourself how to respond to change in a healthy way… CSea


Any day we wish, we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish, we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge. Any day we wish, we can start a new activity. Any day we wish, we can start the process of life change. We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year.

We can also do nothing. We can pretend rather than perform. And if the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are. We can choose rest over labor, entertainment over education, delusion over truth, and doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make. But while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause.

As Shakespeare observed, “The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.” We created our circumstances by our past choices. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. Those who are in search of the good life do not need more answers or more time to think things over to reach better conclusions. They need the truth. They need the whole truth. And they need nothing but the truth.

We cannot allow our errors in judgment, repeated every day, to lead us down the wrong path. We must keep coming back to those basics that make the biggest difference in how our life works out. And then we must make the very choices that will bring life, happiness and joy into our daily lives.

And if I may be so bold to offer my last piece of advice for someone seeking and needing to make changes in their life, if you don’t like how things are, change it!

You’re not a tree. You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life—and it all begins with your very own power of choice.

—Jim Rohn

the Environment and your Environment

Lea Young enjoying the reward of life

Lea Young enjoying the rewards in life

submitted by Brad Young

You are the product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back? – Clement Stone

Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab

Team:  These wonderful Drivers, continually giving their time to improve our lives, need and deserve EMF (electromagnetic fields) protection along with the serious cost savings associated with the eeFuel and eeLube additives.

Protect them from wireless technology / radiation dangers so they can effectively continue doing what they love.

Help them, for there are already helping us by transporting the food and commodities we use every day.


Published: September 27, 2009

Crisscrossing the country, hundreds of thousands of long-haul truckers use computers in their cabs to get directions and stay in close contact with dispatchers, saving precious minutes that might otherwise be spent at the side of the road.

Mark Schiefelbein for The New York Times

Like many truckers, Kurt Long uses a dispatching computer. “We’re supposed to pull over,” he said, “but nobody ever does.”

The trucking industry says these devices can be used safely, posing less of a distraction than BlackBerrys, iPhones and similar gadgets, and therefore should be exempted from legislation that would ban texting while driving.

“We think that’s overkill,” Clayton Boyce, spokesman for the American Trucking Associations, said of a federal bill that would force states to ban texting while driving if they want to keep receiving federal highway money.

The legislation will be discussed at a conference on distracted driving in Washington, starting Wednesday, organized by the Transportation Department.

The issues raised by truckers show the challenges facing advocates for tougher distracted-driving laws, given that so many Americans have grown accustomed to talking and texting behind the wheel.

Mr. Boyce, who said the industry does not condone texting while driving, said computers used by truckers require less concentration than phones. The trucks “have a screen that has maybe two or four or six lines” of text, he said. “And they’re not reading the screen every second.”

Banning the use of such devices, he added, “won’t improve safety.”

But some safety advocates and researchers say the devices — which can include a small screen near the steering wheel and a keyboard on the dash or in the driver’s lap — present precisely the same risk as other devices. And the risk may be even greater, they note, given the size of 18-wheel tractor trailers and the longer time required for them to stop.

Some truckers say they feel pressure to use their computers even while driving in order to meet tight delivery schedules.

“We’re supposed to pull over, but nobody ever does,” said Kurt Long, 46, a veteran trucker based in Wagoner, Okla., who hauls flour, sugar and other dry goods.

“When you get that load,” he added, “you go and you go and you go until you get there.”

The trucking industry has invested heavily in technology to wire vehicles. Satellite systems mounted on trucks let companies track drivers, send new orders, distribute companywide messages and transmit training exercises. Drivers can also use them to send and receive e-mail and browse the Internet.

After videotaping truckers behind the wheel, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that those who used on-board computers faced a 10 times greater risk of crashing, nearly crashing or wandering from their lane than truckers who did not use those devices.

That figure is lower than the 23 times greater risk when truckers texted, compared with drivers simply focused on the road, according to the same study. However, the Virginia researchers said that truckers tend to use on-board computers more often than they text.

The study found that truckers using on-board computers take their eyes off the road for an average of four seconds, enough time at highway speeds to cover roughly the length of a football field.

Richard J. Hanowski, director of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the Virginia institute, said videotape monitoring of 200 truckers driving about three million miles showed many of them using the devices, even bypassing messages on the screen warning them not to use the devices while driving.

“Is this any different than texting?” Mr. Hanowski said. “With either one, the risks are very high.”

In Mr. Long’s unkempt cab, the computer screen is mounted on the dashboard to the right of his steering wheel. He operates it both by touching the screen and by using a keyboard, which he often keeps in his lap (along with one of the two Chihuahuas that keep him company on his drives).

On the computer screen, there is a warning: do not use while vehicle is in motion.

“But it gives you a proceed button,” Mr. Long said with a laugh during an interview in August at a truck stop in Joplin, Mo.

The Sales Operations Blog

The Sales Operations Blog.

Great read and advice; although all she shares presents value!

Measure your Success and Receive Abundance

ProudGrandmamaSuccess holds a unique definition by each of us.  I find that when writing down the goals and attaching a ‘due date’ helps me achieve them even quicker. It is a visual motivation that marks progress and encouragement.

Your success choice may be to become President of the United States or the local Community Organization or to simply get a job.  There are so many variables and only you can determine what it is that you want to achieve your successes.

Do you read and stimulate your mind about your untapped greatness and the immense opportunities available to us each and every day?

Do you encourage others to achieve; this furthers your own progress because of the boomerang anticipated.  The energy will come back to you, in greater amounts than you gave.  It is a law.  You don’t need to have faith, this is not a religion, it is a science.

Success could be the amazing birth of a Grandchild, your only child becoming an RN and charge nurse over the Neuro floor at the hospital and your dog living to beat the Guinnes World Book of records.

Success might be learning to read, communicate effectively, get the fence up or the leak fixed.

You get my drift; you choose what your goals are, how to achieve them and the level of success as your reward.

Measuring the progress of your goals, the manifestation of your dream board or the graduation of the first person in your lineage from college are all indicators that life is going your way.

Do you desire life to go ‘more’ your way?  Give of yourself until you can give no longer; the reward will be your freedom.  The ability to know, unconditionally that ‘it is what it is’ for a reason, to allow you to grow and achieve even more.

Keep a log, be honest, be in gratitude and challenge yourself to take just one more step, regardless of the results you already achieved. You CAN push yourself beyond what you perceive your limits to be.

No pain, no gain.  Step out on a limb and go for it; achieve something so grand.  Go where you have never walked before.

Then help innumerable people do the same.

Practice makes comfort; start looking at the real picture.  Measure your spending, measure your earnings, your goals and achievements.  Know what you are made of, then give that extra oomph for more success.

CSea Perkins

Discovery and enlightenment

FavoritePasttimeThe intentional time taken to discover who we really are carries great enlightenment.  We are all unique, special and quite complex.  Being in gratitude produces optimum results.

It unveils the truth and opens up great opportunity for the future. Your perception of your station in life, your morals and code of ethic are a foundation; are you stable and growing?

Searching and accepting reality then modifying it to the benefit of all around you; that is a choice worth considering.

Why settle; why remain where you are when you can stretch your vision and achieve so very much more? Hmm, choices.  Do I want more, less or to remain right where I am?  How does it impact those around me?

Providing your focus is on others; what manifests from there is quite rewarding.

That circle of life has a way of enriching our thoughts and rewards.  Our perception, if relatively accurate, will be overflowing with gratitude.

Give of yourself without expectations of a return.  Listen, show you care and be compassionate toward their situation in order to receive more.

Ask NOW, what can I do for you, NOT what can you do for me.

CSea Perkins

Life, common sense and duty

The road less traveled, overlooking the obvious to achieve success

it is worth it, photo by Rick Anderson

it is worth it, photo by Rick Anderson

For millenniums people find comfort in being oblivious to the obvious.

That is where that 80 / 20 or 90 / 10 rule applies once again.  Possibly 10 – 20% actually travel the less obvious road to success and the other 80 – 90% take the common, most published, most talked about and practiced route.  The success lies in the 10-20% taking risk and creating reward.

Whether you label yourself an Analyst, Consultant, Auditor, Realtor, Salesperson, CEO or small business owner, your success is in direct proportion to the road you traveled to get there.  There are many untraveled roads, short cuts and highway’s to satisfy our dreams.

Some obvious and overlooked essentials in achieving your goal, aka KISS (the keep it super simple) principle:

  • Fact Find / Needs Assessment
  • Meet with decision maker(s) to confirm your findings and find out what they really need to meet or exceed the plan they were charged with.  There is a map (job description) that a CEO, Fleet Manager, GM or maintenance person must comply with.  These people are more motivated than ever to achieve and do it in style!
  • Quote a proposed annual expense reduction
  • Pre-close, example:  if we show you a 5-8% reduction after product purchase, are you in a position to and will you authorize purchases as a loyal customer?
  • Place Order and closely monitor its delivery, usage and results.  Grow the relationship.

Yes, your posturing, the research, the letters, team coordination, strategy sessions, the calls, the pitfalls are all steps in providing the end goal / solution to the potential customer.  Focus on the results, all the necessary steps are a process we are quite familiar with.  You team, the collaboration between them and your Customer is a ongoing process.

Have fun, challenge yourself and remember that for you to earn through sharing powerful solutions is a very good thing. Do not fear the drastic increase in income; you created a far greater expense reduction for someone else.  You are being economically / environmentally responsible.

Some call it profit sharing, without legalese.  Some call it being the best salesperson on the universe, even when labeled a laborer.  Be the best dang problem seeker and solver you can and increase those profits.

CSea Perkins

U.S. To Track Greenhouse Gases For First Time

Date: 23-Sep-09
Country: US
Author: Tom Doggett

U.S. To Track Greenhouse Gases For First Time Photo: Lucas Jackson
A layer of smog can be seen above Manhattan through the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York May 21, 2009.
Photo: Lucas Jackson

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government will begin requiring big companies to monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions, officials said on Tuesday, a move that could make it easier for federal regulators to cut emissions if Congress does not pass a climate change bill.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said its new reporting system will help it understand where greenhouse gas emissions originate and ultimately help reduce emissions.

“This is a major step forward in our effort to address the greenhouse gases polluting our skies,” said EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. “The American public, and industry itself, will finally gain critically important knowledge and with this information we can determine how best to reduce those emissions.”

The EPA said its reporting system will cover 85 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions spewed by roughly 10,000 facilities. An oil refinery, power plant or other facility would have to report its polluting data if its carbon dioxide emissions totaled at least 25,000 tons a year.

A 25,000 ton annual carbon dioxide threshold is comparable to the emissions from 131 rail cars of coal consumed, 58,000 barrels of oil consumed, or the emissions from the annual energy use of about 2,200 homes.

“The public has both a need and a right to know about the country’s biggest emitters,” said Mark MacLeod, director of special projects at Environmental Defense Fund. “The transparency provided today will inform smart policy that targets the biggest sources of heat-trapping emissions.”

The global warming pollutants covered under the EPA’s reporting system include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbons.

The new reporting system takes effect in January 2010 and large emitters are required to file their annual emissions data in 2011. Vehicle and engine manufacturers outside of the light-duty sector will begin phasing in their emissions reporting with the 2011 car model year, the agency said.

The EPA has said it would prefer Congress to cut U.S. emissions, but the agency has taken action that will allow it do to so if necessary.

Democratic U.S. Senators plan to propose a bill this month to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, a bill that is expected to face stiff opposition. The House of Representatives has already passed a climate change bill.

President Barack Obama, citing in part the EPA’s action, told the United Nations that “the United States has done more to promote clean energy and reduce carbon pollution in the last eight months than at any other time in our history.”

(Editing by David Gregorio)

Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic

NOTE WORTHY UPDATE supporting your campaign to help people mitigate EMF danger from cellphones, electronics and wireless technology…


emr_logo Press Release announcing new Milham paper published in Medical Hypotheses:

Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century
epidemic of “diseases of civilization”

SOURCE: The EMR Policy Institute

Highlighted Links

The EMR Policy Institute

The BioInitiative Report

A new study published by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, in the September 2009 issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses reveals that electricity is responsible for most of the so called “diseases of civilization.” Author Milham is the 1997 recipient of the prestigious Ramazzini Award for his contribution to the epidemiology of occupational disease, with particular reference to carcinogenic risk from electromagnetic fields. Milham is a leading international expert in occupational hazards. He published as early as 1979 that electrical workers have increased mortality due to certain cancers.

Dr. Milham’s work is based on decades of government records of deaths and electrification that show electricity has been causing increased mortality from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and suicide since the beginning of the 20th century.

The slow spread of residential electrification in the US in the first half of the 20th century from urban to rural areas resulted by 1940 in two large populations that allowed a detailed comparison of the spread of electricity with death rates. Electrification is clearly associated with increasing rates of disease and death. Urban death rates were as much as 66% higher than rural rates for cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases, diabetes and suicide in 1940. Rural death rates were significantly correlated with level of residential electric service by state for most causes examined.

Dr. Milham’s publication suggests that the 20th Century epidemic of the so-called diseases of civilization including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide was caused by electrification not by lifestyle. He also concludes that a large proportion of these diseases may therefore be preventable.

Dr. Milham further comments that: “The explosive recent increase in radiofrequency radiation and high frequency voltage transients sources, from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, WiFi and WiMax telecommunication systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment may be leading to a new 21st Century epidemic much like the 20th Century electromagnetic field epidemic.” That this new epidemic of morbidity and mortality may be underway is of major concern to Dr. Milham.

The EMR Policy Institute applauds Dr. Milham’s work that brings attention to this emerging public health question. His new paper makes a major contribution towards a better understanding of the human biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields across the spectrum.

P.O. Box 117 | Marshfield, VT 05658 US

Ultimate Freedom – not just a dream

Crystal Mill, CO by Rick Anderson

Autumn in CO - gold Aspen, by Rick Anderson

The journey to achieve ultimate freedom is met by some, yet not by all. Increase your odds of achieving freedom by mastering the art of forgiveness.  Powerful words with very rewarding results.

Personally speaking, backed with more experience than I care to recall, I’ve learned to forgive the mistakes, the rude comments, impatience and verbal abuse I imposed upon myself.  What a royal waste of time beating up on myself because I ‘was lazy or made excuses, ‘could have responded differently’ or ‘I should have done it with more enthusiasm”, etc.  The shoulda / woulda / coulda’s have no place in my life any more.  No blame or excuses, just gratitude.  Oh, what a relief it is!

It was easier than I thought to accomplish the transformation.  I recognized my weaknesses and chose to change them. How I perceived myself, mind you, not necessarily how others perceived me.  (‘perception’ deserves an article.  That is another one of those high-impact words never mirrored).

My freedom was truly achieved when I started naming what I am grateful for rather than what I was missing in life or didn’t like about myself, others or my circumstances. By focusing my attention on others, their genuine needs, helping without expecting a return and giving thanks for all I have in life, the freedom rang, loudly.  I still have that list and add to it daily.  Good habits sure beat the bad ones.

The list, of why one is in an attitude of gratitude, is a tool to eternal / real forgiveness.  This allows us to create more, dream more and achieve more.  Achieving our ultimate dreams is freedom.  Don’t you agree?

Freedom holds a different meaning for each of us, possibly as difficult to describe as faith; or not!

  • What does ultimate freedom mean to you?
  • Do you see your way to achieving it sooner by eliminating the obstacles?
  • Do you see where you are creating some if not all of those obstacles?

These were a few questions to help you remove denial and blame by taking responsibility and ownership of your future.

Our choices are limitless and the stumbling blocks are stepping stones to your destiny.  With the same ease that you are reading this article, you are equipped to achieve your goals.

‘Photoshop’ your future.  Draw it out in your mind’s eye.  What do you hear, smell, see and feel?  Is it the life you always dream of?  Are those you love the most there with you?  Are you happy and healthy?  Spend time to really experience these thoughts.

We all design our life and need to accept we are where we are because of our thoughts, words, actions and every one of your experiences from birth stored in your subconscious put us here.

If we are not where we want to be; we must change it.  First, eliminate all the things in your way; it may be a long list so I’d get started if I were you.  If it is a short list, I’d get started right away!  That is, if you really want what you perceive yourself to want.  There is that word again!

Second, know what it is you really want in life, map it out, modify it when beneficial to achieve it and ‘upgrade’ as appropriate. Challenge yourself more; forgive others, may be a larger task but even more rewarding for you in the short- and long-run.  Delight in the growth of your achievements only when you reach your definition of freedom.  Choose those words wisely.  Trust and believe in YOU.

©2009 CSea Perkins, all rights reserved and copyrighted.

California to Get 33% of its Power from Renewables by 2020

We at FLIglobal are approached by many businesses needing to reduce carbon emissions and their expense along with fuel dependency.  Below is an article seen in TreeHugger today on how aggressive CA is and how HUGE this goal is.
Let us not wait to be approached; get out there and educate with solutions to pollution.  There are immediate results in carbon emission reduction when using eeLube / eeFuel.  This will greatly aid CA’s aggressive goals.
Go to private industry, all fleets, one truck to thousands; continue to help others Make a Difference one tank full at a time…

california renewable-energy-standard photo
Photo via All American Patriots

Nearly a week ago, the California Senate passed an ambitious energy bill that would require the state to get 33% of its power from renewable sources by 2020. Greens cheered. Then Gov. Schwarzenegger declared he would veto it. Greens booed. Now, the governor has signed an executive mandate that once again commits California to a renewable energy standard of getting a full third of its power from renewable sources by 2030. Should we cheer again?

It seems we should. The governator never had any problems with such an ambitious renewable energy target–he, along with a number of smaller clean energy companies felt that the Senate bill would threaten smaller projects, and that complex rules would stymie growth. He also felt that a clause limiting the amount of renewable energy that could be purchased out of state was protectionist. So, he circumvented the problem by signing an equally ambitious executive order. Schwarzenegger says he plans on vetoing the Senate bill.

The new target makes California the state with the highest renewable energy standard by far. The only other state in contention is Hawaii, which has set its sights on getting 40% of its power from renewable sources–but not until 2030.

According to Green Inc, as of now, the major power providers in California (PG&E, Con Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric) are already required to get 20% of their energy from renewable sources. The new mandate will continue that trend, and state legislators, Schwarzenegger, and many green watchers believe, will keep California on the cutting edge of clean tech and renewable energy development.

Words become Alive; projecting energy

words are alive

words are alive

This post highlights the wisdom and proven experience of Zig Ziglar.  He has stretched my vision for decades and much of his teachings resonate with the more successful people in the world.

In my opinion, Words DO Make a Difference.  People listen with emotion and logic; we must choose our thoughts, words and actions wisely.

The energy you create does not reside within you alone; it is projected by you.

Words are alive.  Once in a thought, spoken or put into action; the energy they create impacts those around you.

Avoid fueling a situation toward defensiveness; confidently encourage, compliment and support others… CSea


Words Can Make a Difference

As a youngster, I heard a little rhyme that said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” That’s untrue. Words can give us hope and encouragement, or they can break our spirits and dash our hopes.

It has been said that one picture is worth 10,000 words, but the person who said that had obviously never read the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or the 23rd psalm. They’d never read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, or the impassioned pleas of Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill or Patrick Henry. Those words changed the course of history and gave individuals and nations a hope for a better future.

Charles Osgood said, “Compared to the spoken word, a picture is a pitiful thing, indeed.” For example, a father who was attending a three-day seminar with his teenage son stood up and, for the first time in the boy’s memory, said, “I love you, Son, and I’m proud of you.” A joyous, tear-filled coming together was the result of that father uttering those words. Yes, our words have awesome power.

In the business community, a service representative could respond to a question by saying, “I’ll have to get back to you with the answer,” or “I’ll be happy to get back to you with the answer.” In describing a friend, someone could say, “She is a bright, attractive, ambitious, hardworking woman, but she wears glasses.” The connotation is obviously negative. They could say, “She is a bright, attractive, ambitious, hardworking woman and she wears glasses.” What a difference one word can make!

Yes, the changing of words changes the thought. Thought leads us into either positive or negative action. Needless to say, the right words produce the right thoughts, which produce the right action, which produce good results. Think about it. Use the right words, and I’ll see you at the top!

—Zig Ziglar

No tolerance, No excuses policy, adopt it, receive and achieve

Crystall Mill waterfall by Rick Anderson

Crystall Mill waterfall by Rick Anderson

Excellent Business Builder Call today, as usual!  Great questions, admirable vision, you are all superstars!  I’m grateful for each of you and admire your ‘sharitude attitude’.

As we finished the call, we quickly went over how to achieve a ‘NO EXCUSES’ posture throughout our lives.  I’d like to share a few quotes that will help everyone receive it and achieve it.

The minutes do not stop or slow down, your opportunities flow with the energy of a waterfall.  Consider them wisely… CSea Perkins



“Many of our fears are tissue-paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.” —Brendan Francis [Behan]

“We must fight our fear to forge ahead and leave the safety of the ledge.” —Rick Beneteau

“When boundaries are present, there is fear—when wholeness and unity is recognized, fear cannot exist.” —James A. Ray

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” —George Herman “Babe” Ruth


“People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives.” —Stedman Graham

“Don’t be disquieted in time of adversity. Be firm with dignity and self-reliant with vigor.” —Chiang Kai-Shek

“The one resolution, which was in my mind long before it took the form of a resolution, is the keynote of my life. It is this, always to regard as mere impertinences of fate the handicaps which were placed upon my life almost at the beginning. I resolved that they should not crush or dwarf my soul, but rather be made to blossom, like Aaron’s rod, with flowers.” —Helen Keller

“The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper.” —Aristotle


“All adverse and depressing influences can be overcome, not by fighting, but by rising above them.” —Charles Caleb Colton

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.” —Glenn Clark

“If you want to get out of the pit, stop digging.” —Ernesto Santos-DeJesus

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” —Hermann Hesse

“You may delay, but time will not.” —Benjamin Franklin

Gratitude and Wisdom Walk Hand in Hand

Crystall Mill, CO; photo by Rick Anderson

Crystall Mill, CO; photo by Rick Anderson

Given we are team eco.nomics, this article articulates what we are all about; attitudes of gratitude.

We are grateful to you and for your wisdom Cindy… CSea


Does gratitude make you a better leader?

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”  Melody Beattie, Author

Gratitude is the highest of attitudes.  This thought came to me full throttle this past week.  And, when gratitude is combined with wisdom, lessons can be learned, embraced and then taught.

Last weekend my computer got a nasty virus!  I actually started writing this at the library because after SIX days Geek Squad had still not fixed the problem.  (never again will I use Geek Squad but that’s a whole other story)

So, I was without a dedicated computer and the internet for a week.  And. sadly, I went through a withdrawal that brought up some interesting introspection.  For about 24 hours I went into a Slow_downfrenetic energy wondering how I was going to get everything accomplished that was on my ever growing to-do  list. 

What do you do when things are out of your control? I tend to ask myself, what am I supposed to be learning from this? The answer that came to me was to slow down and get clear on what’s directly in front of me.

Here’s where the gratitude came in, after which wisdom came from listening to the lessons in the moment. I made the decision to be in an attitude of gratitude and truly practiced moving moment to moment.  I took care of, and was grateful for, what was directly in front of me.

Effective leaders understand how to take the pulse of the current environment or situation and adjust accordingly when it involves things that are out of their control.

  • Be curious. Staying in a state of awareness means shining the light of curiosity on stumbling blocks that come into your path instead of getting frustrated over situations that at first appear formidable.
  • Surrender to the pace instead of trying to control what you can’t.  You’ll find going with the flow much easier than swimming against it.  Whats in the way, is the way.
  • Explore and clean out your current space. You’ll be amazed with the kind of clarity you’ll get from doing this.  I had a yard sale last week and used the computer down-time to clear out the old to make room for the new.  And, by new I mean fresh ideas, thoughts and energy.
  • Take the time to reach out to an old friend or contact.  Reconnecting brings on a surge of renewed energy.
  • Invest in yourself.  Take a class or read a book that you can learn from.

The wisdom comes in the lessons learned.

Gratitude is expression of truth as well as honest acknowledgment from within, and wisdom is the gift that comes from the gratitude awareness.

Socrates said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.” So, with wonder and gratitude, slow down in those moments you can’t control and listen to the lessons being taught.  They very well could be great lessons in leadership.  I know I’m grateful for being forced to slow down last week.  The wisdom I gained from clearing out space, both literally and metaphorically, will serve me as I move forward with patience and perseverance.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

  • This article was submitted on September 15, 2009 at 08:34 AM PDT
  • By Cindy Yantis, Career Architect-Author-Speaker…define your brand $ Own the Room…Sign up for my Ezine:
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