Just Do It

Just Do It

Imagine a young woman with an amazing voice, an innate ear for music and a love for creating, writing and performing.  Will she make a living as a musician?  Will she be famous?  Will she touch the world with her voice?  Imagine…if she leaves her talent left to its own devices, will she be discovered?

We all know the answer.  She must create the music and then go out and perform, sharing her talent in whatever venue she can.  She has to canvas the music industry to get her name and music recognized.  Only then, by her own actions, will she be a star.

Are you leaving your life to its own devices? Are you moving and shaking to get results? Building your business, growing your team, becoming more successful both professionally and personally requires action.  Action brings progress.  Progress means results.  Results bring success.  Follow these simple tips and start taking action nowstart directing your own life to its success.

Action Tip #1…Be Decisive

Decisions shape all of our actions.

The ability to make a decision, whether right or wrong, is always the right decision.  Make a good decision and you are headed in the right direction.  A wrong decision is better than no decision…every decision we make leads us towards our destiny.

Action Tip #2…Start Anything

Start any project.

Starting projects creates momentum for yourself.  Taking action and creating momentum will bring you energy to keep going and going.  Have you ever decided to clean out your car and the next thing you know you’ve cleaned your car and your entire garage?  How good does THAT feel?  It feels great, doesn’t it?  It makes you want to clean your closet, doesn’t it?   Your momentum is carried by your feeling of personal satisfaction.  Now you can easily translate that to your career…What if you set an appointment with one person about your product/business and it’s a success?  Do you sit home and say “Great!  Cool, now I’ll watch some TV”?  Of course not.  What you say is “Great, that worked!  I can do it again.  And you do…you talk to someone else and then someone else.  Start anything and you’ve started your success.

Action Tip #3…Get Uncomfortable

A mind expanded never goes back to its original size.

If you are uncomfortable it means you’re experiencing something new or different.  If you are uncomfortable you are stretching yourself past what’s familiar.  Getting uncomfortable means your growing.  (And we’re not talking about gaining weight and stretching your clothes out)  Picking up the phone to make that call a prospect that is your dream client feels awkward…like a turtle on its back that can’t flip over.  Getting uncomfortable, going ahead and making that call, means you now have more experience and the next call is easier.  Every time you do something uncomfortable, that very same action is more comfortable the next time around!

Action Tip #4…Gamble a Little

Take a risk on something challenging.

The definition of “gambling” is to take a risk in the hope and expectation of a desired result.  And I am not talking about throwing money away at a poker table.  If you “take a gamble” on your business you are moving in the right direction!  Yes, you are taking a risk of getting rejected, but who cares?  Your risk may payoff and your business grows!  Getting out of your comfort zone and learning to take risks will build your courage and ultimately… make you more successful.

Action Tip #5…Control your Mental State

Prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead.

Imagine the singer we talked about in the beginning of this article.  Picture this talented girl as she enters the building for the most important audition of her life.  What’s her mental state?  She’s a bundle of nerves and can worry and fret and fray her nerves so badly that when she starts to sing she misses a note, bursts into tears and runs out of the room!  Or, she can control her mental state by taking her brain where she wants to go by recalling a scene or event or a place that feels good and makes her feel strong.  Get yourself in a place that feels good before a task so that you are in a great mood to “get it done”.  Generate a positive state from the past.  Think of a time you took action and followed through on anything.  Work, kids, home, a special project, in business.  Picture that time, feel that same feeling now – getting you in the right frame of mind to take more action.  When you are in a positive state you are more inclined to take action and get it right.

Practice these 5 Massive Action Tips and watch how your life changes for the better.  Consistency is what separates the talkers from the doers.  Consistently taking action will get you where you want to go…and fast.

By and large, what makes us truly fulfilled and joyous is not so much what we have achieved in our lives, but who we have become in the process. Lasting fulfillment comes from the knowledge that each day we can grow and expand as people, with a capacity for love and caring that affects others in a positive way.

Your Partner in Success,

Michael M. Bernoff


“Within you is all you require to now live the life of your dreams.”

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