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Be Responsible

Be Responsible

150 gallons of fuel (gas / diesel / biofuel) protection per 120ml bottle.

12 quarts of oil (standard or synthetic) protection per bottle shown.

eeLube® and eeFuel®, our nanotechnology fuel additives, are companion products which simultaneously bring a multitude of benefits to help users save money, reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment:

Fuel Savings – By promoting more complete and powerful combustion, as well as reducing engine friction, they can help your engine extract greater energy output from the same amount of fuel.

Reduced Harmful Emissions – More complete combustion results in less harmful emissions going out the tailpipe. Since eeLube® also acts to cool the combustion temperature, NOx (nitrogen oxide) is also effectively reduced. In fact, eeLube® and eeFuel® are two of the rare liquid nanotechnology additives that can significantly reduce harmful emissions across the board.

Longer Engine Life and Lower Maintenance Costs – By removing harmful deposits and reducing engine friction, eeLube® can extend the useful life of an engine as well as lower maintenance costs. Since eeLube® also helps to keep the engine oil cleaner, the period between oil changes can be safely extended to further save on maintenance costs. eeFuel® cleans combustion chamber deposits, removes piston ring deposits and protects equipment.

Using eeLube® in conjunction with eeFuel® will maximize the effects of each product and together they provide an all round vehicle maintenance program that could greatly improve your vehicles performance, fuel usage, and fuel combustion. This will greatly reduce toxic emissions and extend engine life, which means lower maintenance costs.

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