Feed your soul

how would you use this

claim this as yours

Claim what you genuinely want!

When was the last time yous sat down to write a list of what you are grateful for? If it was not today; get to it!

Afraid it will take too much time or even waste your time?  Ea contraire!

This exercise is one of the best attitude boosters without paying to listen to a world famous Motivator.  Do it daily to feed your insatiable appetite!

SURPRISE yourself with unconditional gratitude.




Position yourself





Your positive enthusiasm, desire and actions to be a genuine success are core. Is it strong enough to overcome the ‘naysayer’, the person that says, ‘why in the world would you want to do that’?

Do you even give them the ‘time of day’?  Do you allow their lack of knowledge or support to deter you?I

If so, you should question your own confidence.  This is your party and in order to successfully enjoy it; stay on course.

CSea Perkins

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  1. Have to earn it Drew, just like the rest of us. Good news is; it is yours if you genuinely want it.

  2. Drew Byrne

     /  August 8, 2009

    Where do you claim this million dollar note? Give it to me: I want one now!

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