Why the US Lags Behind the Entire World in Understanding Climate Change

Protect this beautiful planet

Protect this beautiful planet

by Brian Merchant

Dire forecasts of the damage climate change will do keep rolling in. Scientists keep warning anyone who’ll listen, sometimes at the top of their lungs. Bloggers keep on blogging. But evidently, the message just isn’t getting through to Americans.

In a recent poll, Americans find climate change to be the lowest priority out of any country in the entire world. That’s right; every country polled, including the UK, France, India, China, Chile, Mexico–even Iraq and Palestine–believe climate change is more of an urgent issue than we do.

The poll asked the simple question “How high of a priority should the government place on global warming?” and residents from each country responded accordingly.

On a scale of 1-10, the average US citizen believes that climate change is around a 4.71 on the priority-o-meter. By contrast, Mexico rated it about a 9, France, China, Chile and the UK above 8, and India, Russia, and Germany were all above 7. The only countries who were remotely close to us–and still more concerned than we were–were Iraq and Palestine. And you might just say that they’ve got a couple more urgent problems on their hands at the moment.

What (or whom) is to blame for this?


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