Share your brilliance

now is the time, it slows for no one

now is the time, it slows for no one



ALL to



Don’t do it for them; guide them through the process, expose them to Keeping It Super Simple with our proven system.  Helping someone earn knowledge and pass it on prevents you from being an ‘enabler’ and keeping them from the process, how to get the answers.

Those aspiring to greatness and beyond will relate to sharing their brilliance by empowering others through problem solving, not by telling everyone how great they are.  It is NOT about you, if you choose to earn the trust of those youare marketing your business and / or services and / or products to.

share your brilliance through lifting up others, encouraging and recognizing them.   listening intently and taking notes shows your respect and that you genuinely care about resolving their problem.







About their

Needs, then


Encourage them

These actions insure you care about them and builds trust.  Follow-up and follow through (earlier post)

What does all this mean to you?  What is the PURPOSE of your business?  When you practice knowing, feeling, believing and demonstrating the phrases above, you will improve lives with exponential growth.

Know the purpose, the mission, the crusade and the plan.  Stay on target, be accountable and most importantly avoid self serving thoughts and convert them to solving the problems of others.

Your brilliance is the culmination of your thoughts, words, actions and intentions.  Your responsibility is to ask them the questions to share their brilliance, their greatness NOT tell them yours.

The results will change your attitude about life in general in such a powerful way.

Enjoy life, the opportunities and rewards to the fullest.  WHY?  Because you can!

Don’t cheat others out of the extremely gratifying green collar income they too can enjoy and ‘pay it forward’.

CSea Perkins

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