Encouragement Heals

052105 013The sun is shining, the birds singing, wind gently blowing through the trees and across the skin.  Just beautiful.

Ah, that plant could use a little help.  Some new soil, support and fertilizer will strengthen its roots and take hold in no time.

Back to enjoying the great outdoors.  Watching different birds in great curiosity as they melodically communicate with each other.  Then I see the green lizard on the Philodendron Giganteum drinking water from this mornings dew.  On the leaf below is a very odd looking brown and gray lizard bobbing its head up and down vigorously with this large orange protrusion coming from under its neck.  Courting, warning or communicating with color?

In a distance I can hear sobbing, my dog perks up his ears, turns his head, then drops it in sadness.  They are so in tune with the world.  Soon thereafter I hear a male voice consoling, apologizing and turning his anger into words of encouragement.  “It will be ok, I’m angry because I can’t be at the hospital to see him and show my love.  It is 2,000 miles away and I’ll lose my job if I go; I feel helpless.  I don’t mean to take it out on you; you are at the right place at the wrong time.  I need you by my side; you are my inspiration.”

This encouraged me to look at myself and ask how I treat others (react) when someone is rude to me. Do I bark right back or do I put a huge compassionate smile on my face and ask, what can I do to help you feel better?

We cannot judge ‘where’ another person is at, what pain they may or may not feel or what their thoughts are.  We can, however, encourage those that clearly are not happy at the moment.  Don’t pry into why.  Simply encourage, share some positive words and lift them up.

We can heal gently and effectively by genuinely caring, letting them know how special they are and that in time with desire, this too shall pass.

We cannot presume that someone is so wealthy or brilliant and beyond our reach, they may need you more than you need them.

ENCOURAGE others through a smile and a kind word without expecting anything in return.

CSea Perkins

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