Last day ‘economic pollution solution’ green income

Be ResponsibleJuly 31, 2009 is the last day of the month long Anniversary celebration specials. FLIglobal dug deep in their pockets to increase the value to everyone looking to make a difference through environmental, economic and health mitigation of toxins and particulate matter.  Practical common sense knowledge we are responsible to learn about and be in action to control it.

They did this to expand awareness of how to reduce our carbon footprint,  clean the air we breathe and improve overall health through the nanotechnology products that pay for themselves.  Yes, you read that right.  We’ve overcome price as an excuse to not read further.

reduced emission graphA practical / green / friendly way to do your part in defending the environment.  Common sense and you owe it to yourself to take optimum care of your yachts, fishing boats, cars, trucks, semi’s, tractors, lawn equipment, boilers, etc.

Make a Difference through long-term preventative maintenance that pays for itself through improved performance, hours or miles of operation AND another bonus is reducing toxic carbon emissions 30-50%. Far less than the cost of adding a catalytic converter (or replacing them) and traps to capture the particulate matter.

Only liquid fuel additives on the market that reduces NOx (nitrogen oxide) along with other toxic carbon emissions.

Ask why we are the best of the best or research the results at the links, 16,000,000,000 miles worth of proof without one liability claim.

FLIglobal has celebrated with a number of Anniversary specials throughout the month; those remaining are as follows:

Retail, visit 20+ years of reducing toxic carbon

Wholesale, visit purchase wholesale and resell retail or commercial markets

Wholesale special* (see detail below)

Annual Distributor Rights Fee $49.95 waived with product pack purchase through midnight your time zone Friday, July 31, 2009, wholesale buying privileges for one full year.

Distributor specials** (see detail below)

$69.95 – Renewal Pack, one year renewal, one eeFuel, one eeLube and one EMF Cell harmonizer.  Compare to $80. wholesale, $125. standard retail value.

$99.99 – Anniversary Pack, (4) eeFuel and (2) eeLube, protects 600 gallons of fuel (gas, diesel and bio-fuels) and 24 quarts of oil (synthetic, blended or standard).  Compare to $140 wholesale and $210 retail value.

If you are curious to learn more and seek a Fuel Analyst to discuss the full benefits of these companion products, leave your request in the Comments below OR

SPEAK with one of our Customer Care Specialists at (888) 293-4691 on Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm PT

Distributors, 24/7 Customer Care through a Ticket in Virtual Office


* Everyone eligible … 100% full access to private systems in place, two replicated personal websites with private back office reports, tracking, earnings reports, etc.  There are numerous support sites, systems and teams in place.  We add upgrades and new tools regularly. We fully train you in the team building, sales in retail and commercial applications and building a successful business you own, without being alone.  Four weekly calls and archive reference included.

** Offered to Distributors only.

… by FLIglobal Distributors promoting environmental and economic responsibility.

add eeLube and VAROOM

add eeLube and VAROOM

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