Ignorance is Bliss

air-pollutionYou have likely hear the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’.  I’ve myself used it many times; however, learned over the years …

it can be an opportunity you should not miss.

Back to choosing wisely in our thoughts, words and actions.  The energy expelled magnetically attracts the same.

Challenge yourself to step outside the box, focus on the success of another today because that will manifest your achievements.

Reach out in person, electronically or by phone and truly make their day!

Educate them about something valuable to them, share a funny story and encourage that person to receive and achieve by pointing out their assets and strengths.

After all, what do people typically care most about — what is in it for them.

Why beat around the bush; give it to them.

Visual message; do not ignore the toxin polluted air we can reduce without additional expense.  Learn about reducing carbon in your engines and the air using eeFuel and eeLube.

CSea Perkins

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