Choose to grow and lead

Are you a human becoming?  Do you think, speak and act into being?  Of course you do, we all do.

epa-warning-polarbearsDo you face adversity without fear knowing you will succeed?  Do you name it opportunity?

Are your thoughts of what you don’t have or in gratitude for what you do have?  No matter how large or small, you control your future through your thoughts.

Ask yourself, what are some of the thoughts, words and actions I’ve had today which focus on the future.

Now, compare that to the times you referred to the past, a disappointment, an obstacle or excuse.

We all know that the energy we use will manifest like.  Discouragement begets more discouragement.  Gratitude creates more to be grateful for.

Take the time to analyze your own thoughts for an hour.  Get that piece of paper out and draw a line down the middle.  At the top of the page enter the time and day you are writing.  Put a “+” on the top left and a “-” on the top right of the paper.

Think back over the past hour and write the empowering thoughts on the left and disabling thoughts on the right.

See for yourself, pat yourself on the back or kick yourself and move on.

Think before speaking.  Think before an action for all around you receive that energy you are putting forth.

Be fare to them and fare to yourself.

Empower and receive abundance.  You choose if that abundance is moving you forward or holding you back.

JUST DO IT (to quote Nike)

By the way, did you find that your energy is used more on ‘busy stuff’ or ‘productivity’?

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