Every Winner has Scars

Big-Hole-Kimberly-SAfricaLife is a classroom in which you are being tested, tried and passed- EVERY TIME!

You can’t predict what will happen to you. But you can decide what happens inside you, how you process and what you do with it.

The real test of living is how you take each experience and make it a thing of worth & beauty.

Everything you go through has value.

The highest qualities of success and character must be earned.

… by Charlene Summers


Lead Calling Tips You Can Use Right Now!

Thank you for the share Brad Young …

Brad Young, Tacoma, WA

Brad Young, Tacoma, WA

In this week’s article, I give you some tips that that you can use right away when you’re calling leads.

Lead Calling Tips You Can Use Right Now!

Picture this: Let’s say you own a one person traditional business selling widgets (a very popular mythological product), and you’ve come to realize your income has reached a ceiling. This is because there are only so many hours in the day and you can only call on a limited number of people.

You decide it’s time to expand. You place a “help wanted” ad in the local paper. Before you know it, your phone is ringing off the hook with people interested in your sales job opening.

Now, here are some key questions

  1. Would you immediately start telling your candidates all about you and your business and how excited you are about it?

  2. Would you ask them for their address at the beginning so you can send them DVD’s, brochures, an info packet about your company or samples of what you sell?

  3. Would you arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible so you can talk about what you have?

  4. Would you tell them how joining you is going to be the best thing they ever did, etc, etc, etc?

Of course you wouldn’t. After all, you don’t even know them. And besides it would be expensive and waste a lot of time

So what would you do? How would you find out who is going to be the perfect person to help your business grow?

You interview them! You’re the one with the opportunity – they’re not! So you interview them to make sure they meet certain criteria you’ve set so that you don’t waste time hiring and training the wrong people.

Is Network Marketing Any Different?

Should the process be any different in Network Marketing where you have your own business? No, not at all!

You are in business to sell your business opportunity, product or service —just like a traditional business. And I’m talking about “selling” using the Natural Selling definition… not the telling, persuading, “have-I-got-an-opportunity-for-you” sort that is still being taught!

One way to expand your business and your revenues from a one-person operation to a thriving, action oriented downline is to call bona fide leads or to advertise yourself.

Leads are in effect people who are looking and applying to do something different… just like in a traditional business.

So if there is no difference, what do you do when you call them? You interview them… using the 5 different stages of the Dialogue Framework that you can get from my book.

And before you call them, you must ask yourself this one critical question: “How can I help them find out about themselves so it will motivate them to listen to what I have, as a result of asking them questions as opposed to telling them?”

You do it by focusing on your primary objective, which is to find out;

1.      Why they replied to the advertisement (Using Discovering Stage questions)
2.      Their degree of desire to change their present circumstances.

(If you want to listen to this actually being done, click here to find out more about my latest Power Up Your Dialogue CD’s called “Calling Leads”.)

Remember, people believe more of where THEY are coming from than where YOU are coming from. And your questions are just as much for them as they are for you.

This means that as they talk about their reasons to move from where they are, the both of you will be working together to determine the best course of action.

So don’t throw away your opportunity by trying to persuade people to join you or buy your products. Give your business and yourself value by knowing how to interview people and by trusting in the knowledge that you have something most people need.

Best Selling Author of “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” – Selling from the Soul. Ancient Wisdoms. Modern Practice.

Want to get rid of all the techniques, systems and gimmicks simply by changing the way you think and the way you act on what you think? Choose one of the many convenient options on the right hand side of this newsletter. Or click here www.NaturalSelling.com

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

Michael Oliver

Getting it Done Right with Green Income

windy-palmThe winds are beginning to gust

stirring up the sand and dust

pounding the car and adding to the rust

often it seems so unjust

but know to get it done, is a must.


Is anything standing is you way of getting it done?  Ask yourself if it can be overcome.

Those stumbling blocks are stepping stones; see this, receive this and accept this.

Is the grass greener on the other side? (no pun intended – smiling)

Take a look at what you have, be grateful and choose to stay and grow or move and start over.  The key is, you are starting over, regardless.

Make it great. Here we shine, the solution to pollution, green income filling the mailboxes because we share the potential and results.

Grateful are we to get it done!  To help others through a tough financial time, to save and create jobs in a green industry is our pattern, our choice and our fulfillment.

CSea Perkins

Last day ‘economic pollution solution’ green income

Be ResponsibleJuly 31, 2009 is the last day of the month long Anniversary celebration specials. FLIglobal dug deep in their pockets to increase the value to everyone looking to make a difference through environmental, economic and health mitigation of toxins and particulate matter.  Practical common sense knowledge we are responsible to learn about and be in action to control it.

They did this to expand awareness of how to reduce our carbon footprint,  clean the air we breathe and improve overall health through the nanotechnology products that pay for themselves.  Yes, you read that right.  We’ve overcome price as an excuse to not read further.

reduced emission graphA practical / green / friendly way to do your part in defending the environment.  Common sense and you owe it to yourself to take optimum care of your yachts, fishing boats, cars, trucks, semi’s, tractors, lawn equipment, boilers, etc.

Make a Difference through long-term preventative maintenance that pays for itself through improved performance, hours or miles of operation AND another bonus is reducing toxic carbon emissions 30-50%. Far less than the cost of adding a catalytic converter (or replacing them) and traps to capture the particulate matter.

Only liquid fuel additives on the market that reduces NOx (nitrogen oxide) along with other toxic carbon emissions.

Ask why we are the best of the best or research the results at the links, 16,000,000,000 miles worth of proof without one liability claim.

FLIglobal has celebrated with a number of Anniversary specials throughout the month; those remaining are as follows:

Retail, visit http://Nanotechfuel.com/JanesWay 20+ years of reducing toxic carbon

Wholesale, visit http://FLIglobal.com/eco-nomics purchase wholesale and resell retail or commercial markets

Wholesale special* (see detail below)

Annual Distributor Rights Fee $49.95 waived with product pack purchase through midnight your time zone Friday, July 31, 2009, wholesale buying privileges for one full year.

Distributor specials** (see detail below)

$69.95 – Renewal Pack, one year renewal, one eeFuel, one eeLube and one EMF Cell harmonizer.  Compare to $80. wholesale, $125. standard retail value.

$99.99 – Anniversary Pack, (4) eeFuel and (2) eeLube, protects 600 gallons of fuel (gas, diesel and bio-fuels) and 24 quarts of oil (synthetic, blended or standard).  Compare to $140 wholesale and $210 retail value.

If you are curious to learn more and seek a Fuel Analyst to discuss the full benefits of these companion products, leave your request in the Comments below OR

SPEAK with one of our Customer Care Specialists at (888) 293-4691 on Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm PT

Distributors, 24/7 Customer Care through a Ticket in Virtual Office


* Everyone eligible … 100% full access to private systems in place, two replicated personal websites with private back office reports, tracking, earnings reports, etc.  There are numerous support sites, systems and teams in place.  We add upgrades and new tools regularly. We fully train you in the team building, sales in retail and commercial applications and building a successful business you own, without being alone.  Four weekly calls and archive reference included.

** Offered to Distributors only.

… by FLIglobal Distributors promoting environmental and economic responsibility.

add eeLube and VAROOM

add eeLube and VAROOM

Ignorance is Bliss

air-pollutionYou have likely hear the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’.  I’ve myself used it many times; however, learned over the years …

it can be an opportunity you should not miss.

Back to choosing wisely in our thoughts, words and actions.  The energy expelled magnetically attracts the same.

Challenge yourself to step outside the box, focus on the success of another today because that will manifest your achievements.

Reach out in person, electronically or by phone and truly make their day!

Educate them about something valuable to them, share a funny story and encourage that person to receive and achieve by pointing out their assets and strengths.

After all, what do people typically care most about — what is in it for them.

Why beat around the bush; give it to them.

Visual message; do not ignore the toxin polluted air we can reduce without additional expense.  Learn about reducing carbon in your engines and the air using eeFuel and eeLube.

CSea Perkins

Problems Are a Normal Part of Change

detourWhen asked, “How do you develop mental toughness in life?” my response might sound negative at first.

I answer, “Always be prepared for a surprise. The surprise might be a negative surprise. Something is going to happen in your day, whether you are late because you got stuck behind a train or your car had a flat tire—something is going to happen. And the key is your ability not to take mole hills and look at them as mountains.”

Problems are a normal part of change. Things are changing so rapidly that there are going to be problems you face.

So you must look at failure as an event, not as a person. I’m not a failure. Maybe I’ve had a failure or a temporary inconvenience. I’ve had a stumbling block, and the idea is to turn the stumbling block into a steppingstone, and step on it instead of stumble over it. So look at failure as the fertilizer of success.

Fertilizer stinks, it smells. You see that guy putting it on his lawn and you say, “Wow, that guy fertilized his lawn.” You fertilize your mistakes. You don’t wallow in them, lay in them, roll in them; you pick yourself up off your mistakes and learn from them. You try not to repeat that same thing again. But you look at it as a temporary inconvenience, as a detour—a detour in life—not as a failure.

—Denis Waitley

It’s a Beautiful Day …

… don’t let it get away.

Avoid June 1979 Diesel riots rising up 30 years later

Now that we are facing a potential $.88 increase per gallon of diesel, truckers with very little margins already, we must avoid history repeating itself.



West End Waters by Boardie

West End Waters by Boardie

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  How many times have you said this, believed it and acted accordingly?

We have the choices, do you think before choosing?  Do you consider the consequences?  Are you critical of others or minding your own dreams and future?

Are you stretching your vision?  What special, out of the ordinary, exciting plans do you have today?  If none, make some.  They need not cost money; they will however, create gratitude.

Have you written down all the things you are grateful for today?  Do it and be amazed at how much you have.  Don’t think about what you want.  What we don’t have will only manifest if you give thanks for having it.

Be careful what you wish for.  If you are rehashing, complaining, crying the blues, you will surely stay in the same place.  Move on, let it go; it serves you not!

Yes, with the right attitude you will attract all the goodness into your life.  With the wrong attitude you will most certainly attract more of what you don’t really want, but think about.

We bring about what we think about; what are you thinking about right now?

Make it an outstanding day, week and rest of the year.  Why?

Because you can!

CSea Perkins


Aretha - R E S P E C T

Aretha - R E S P E C T

Why do professional sports host All-Star Games? The major reason is that it generates a lot of revenue and marketing for the sport. There are a few other benefits and one of those reasons centers around RESPECT!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T … find out what it means to me! Answer = A LOT!

One of the greatest motivators of people is respect. Conversely, one of the greatest de-motivators is a lack of respect. Respect comes in many forms: a pat on the back for a job well done, encouragement, listening, awards or even an All-Star Game. In business, make sure that you acknowledge those on your All-Star team with some sort of recognition. It inspires loyalty, inspires them to achieve even more and drives those not recognized to be recognized next time.

Whether it is in your personal life or your business, implement the tool of respect and create an even more productive environment!

Oh, and if Major League Baseball subscribes to this ezine, give the guys METAL BATS in the Home Run Derby. Talk about FUN! I have a few more suggestions, but won’t push my luck.

Go for More this Week!
Ron White



(oo) What you want
(oo) Baby, I got
(oo) What you need
(oo) Do you know I got it?
(oo) All I’m askin’
(oo) Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit)
Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home
(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)

I ain’t gonna do you wrong while you’re gone
Ain’t gonna do you wrong (oo) ’cause I don’t wanna (oo)
All I’m askin’ (oo)
Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit)
Baby (just a little bit) when you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

I’m about to give you all of my money
And all I’m askin’ in return, honey
Is to give me my profits
When you get home (just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah baby (just a, just a, just a, just a)
When you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

—— instrumental break ——

Ooo, your kisses (oo)
Sweeter than honey (oo)
And guess what? (oo)
So is my money (oo)
All I want you to do (oo) for me
Is give it to me when you get home (re, re, re ,re)
Yeah baby (re, re, re ,re)
Whip it to me (respect, just a little bit)
When you get home, now (just a little bit)

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)
I get tired (just a little bit)
Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit)
You’re runnin’ out of foolin’ (just a little bit)
And I ain’t lyin’ (just a little bit)
(re, re, re, re) ‘spect
When you come home (re, re, re ,re)
Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit)
And find out I’m gone (just a little bit)
I got to have (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)


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The man who is allergic to Wi-Fi

wireless dangers

wireless dangers

From “Independent IE”

Friday July 24 2009

A club DJ, Steve Miller, has revealed he has been forced into exile by a powerful allergy to Wi-Fi internet waves which leaves him feeling dizzy, sick and disorientated.

Mr Miller, better known by his stage name Afterlife, is unable to use trains, stay in hotels or visit his local high street because of his sensitivity to the “electrosmog” caused by wireless internet waves.

He is among around two pc of the population who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensetivity, while the number of people and businesses pumping out the Wi-Fi signal is rising.

Mr Miller told The Sun: “I feel like an exile on my own planet. It’s almost impossible to find somewhere without Wi-Fi nowadays.

“If I fancy a pint I have to travel three miles to the only pub in my area that doesn’t have it. I can’t just go to the shops because huge parts of the high street affect me.

“If I go somewhere, I can instantly sense the Wi-Fi and have to leg it.”

Mr Miller, who had a residency at the Ibiza nightclub Pacha before his allergy, said he has missed out on a large number of overseas gigs because all airports and most hotels have Wi-Fi.

The only place where he can escape the “electrosmog” is in his own home – a detached house with 18in thick granite walls in a village near Falmouth, Cornwall.

Mr Miller believes that the majority of headaches people get at work can be attributed to their office Wi-Fi connections.

“I’ve spoken to friends who work in offices who end up living on painkillers because of their daily headaches,” he said. “They tried turning off their transmitters and found their headaches stopped.”

© Telegraph.co.uk

– Heidi Blake


Cause and Effect


“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” —W. Clement Stone

“Why do people accept the opinions of others about themselves as truth? Who is going to live the rest of your life anyway? Now THAT is TRUTH!” —Doug Firebaugh

“Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best show, but don’t hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.” —Zig Ziglar

“Surround yourself with people most like the person you want to become. Stay away from anyone who can or will bring you down.” —Tom Hopkins


“The functions of the executive are innovation and marketing. How much time do you spend on each?” —Brian Tracy

“Anything WOW! breeds loyalty.” —Jeffrey Gitomer

“We are more ready to try the untried when what we do is inconsequential. Hence, the remarkable fact that many inventions had their birth as toys.” —Eric Hoffer

“Remember that the six most expensive words in business are: ‘We’ve always done it that way.’ —Catherine DeVrye


“Loyalty is something you give regardless of what you get back, and in giving loyalty, you’re getting more loyalty; and out of loyalty flows other great qualities.” —Charles “Tremendous” Jones

“Promises should not be lightly given unless we want them to be lightly received.” —Denis Waitley

“No pleasure philosophy, no sensuality, no place nor power, no material success can for a moment give such inner satisfaction as the sense of living for good purposes, for maintenance of integrity, for the preservation of self-approval.” —Minot Simons

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” —Samuel Johnson

Climate change laws mean higher consumer costs: ATA

mitigate pollution while saving money

mitigate pollution while saving money

Jul 21, 2009 3:03 PM

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) told the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works that climate change legislation would impose significant costs on American consumers.

In his statement on behalf of ATA, Ray Kuntz, chairman of ATA’s Executive Committee and immediate past chairman of the associations, said any substantial cost increases imposed directly or indirectly on trucks by climate change legislation will curtail delivery of vital consumer goods across the nation such as food, medicine, and clothing.

“Constraining the country’s freight delivery system would change our way of life for the worse by significantly increasing the cost of everything we buy,” said Kuntz, who is chairman and chief executive officer of Watkins and Shepard Trucking, based in Helena MT.

A one-cent increase in the average price of diesel costs the trucking industry an additional $390 million in fuel expenses. Petroleum suppliers indicate that climate change legislation could increase the cost of gasoline by 77 cents per gallon for gasoline and 88 cents for diesel fuel. As trucking companies struggle with already minuscule margins, additional costs for fuel would be passed on to shippers of goods and materials and ultimately to consumers.

Kuntz addressed six other issues in his testimony relating directly to climate change legislation and trucking:

•Climate change legislation must address the need to improve highway infrastructure to reduce carbon output.

•Carbon oversight markets must carefully be monitored and transparent to prevent excessive speculation.

•Trucking needs to be addressed differently than passenger vehicles because trucks are not discretionary users.

•State transportation emissions reduction plans must not impede the delivery of goods.

•Federal regulations must pre-empt regional, state, and local carbon laws to prevent a patchwork jumble of laws that would impede transportation efficiency.

•Oil refiners should receive appropriate free carbon allowances for fuel production to help offset significant price increases for refined products.

Kuntz serves on ATA’s Sustainability Task Force, which developed a progressive sustainability agenda that will reduce fuel consumption by 86 billion gallons and CO2 emissions by 900 million tons for all vehicles over the next 10 years by: setting governors on new trucks to limit speeds to no more than 65 mph; reducing the national speed limit to 65 mph for all vehicles; reducing engine idling; reducing congestion by improving highways; using more productive truck combination’s; supporting national fuel economy standards for trucks; and increasing fuel efficiency by encouraging participation in the U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership Program.

Visit www.trucksdeliver.org for ATA’s entire sustainability report with detailed explanations.

The Magic Is in You

(excerpted from Day by Day with James Allen)

“When he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow; he then becomes the rightful master of himself.” —As a Man Thinketh

While reading an old classic, The Message of a Master by John McDonald, I was rocked by an incredibly insightful passage: “The cause of the confusion prevailing in your mind that weakens your thoughts is the false belief that there is a power or powers outside you greater than the power within you.”

Stop and think about that. What keeps us from attempting greater things—from reaching for the brass ring in our life? What makes us take that great idea that could make our family financially free and bury it underneath a lot of reasons why it’d never work? What stops us from that career change that would result in working in a profession we could really enjoy, and could get passionate about?

There’s only one thing that EVER stops us from forward momentum and McDonald nailed it: “The false belief that there is a power or powers outside you greater than the power within you.”

As I once heard a speaker say, “The magic is in YOU!” As James Allen tells us, once we realize that we can create our circumstances, then, and only then, are we truly the master of our life and our destiny.

Regardless of your particular spiritual beliefs, you may find these words from the Gospel of John very enlightening, “He that believeth in me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” That would indicate to me that we are already “endowed” with the power to do amazing things—far more amazing than most of us will ever attempt—if we’d only understand and BELIEVE that the power is within, not without.

And that’s worth thinking about.

— Vic Johnson

Study confirms air pollution linked to slowed lung function growth in children

breathe this

breathe this

LOS ANGELES, July 1-Kids growing up in smoggy areas again have been found to suffer the effects of pollution, especially acid vapor, according to findings from the University of Southern California-led Children’s Health Study.

The 10-year-long Children’s Health Study is considered one of the nation’s most comprehensive studies to date of the long-term effects of smog on children. The new findings address the development of lung function in children, showing that lung function growth of kids in polluted areas lags behind that of children in areas with cleaner air. Lung function is a medical term describing lung capacity and how well lungs are working.

“These findings are an important confirmation of our earlier studies,” says W. James Gauderman, Ph.D., associate professor of preventive medicine at USC and the study’s lead author. “The results further strengthen the evidence that breathing polluted air has a negative effect on the developing lungs of children.”

Preventive medicine researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC have monitored levels of major pollutants in a dozen Southern California communities since 1993, while carefully following the respiratory health of more than 3,000 students. The latest report, released in the July 1 issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, cover smog’s health effects on a group of children from 1996 to 2000.

Each year, USC scientists tested lung function by having each child take a deep breath, then measuring how much and how fast kids could blow out the air. Children’s lung function usually grows steadily until they reach adulthood.

Children with decreased lung function may be more susceptible to respiratory disease and may be more likely to have weaker or smaller lungs and have chronic respiratory problems as adults.

“Given the public health importance of these findings, it is imperative that we accelerate our efforts to achieve clean air in Southern California,” says John Peters, M.D., D.Sc., Hastings professor of preventive medicine and one of the study authors.

Researchers have found that, on average, lung function growth tends to be higher in cleaner communities and lower in areas with more air pollution.

The latest study followed 1,678 children who were in fourth grade in 1996. Researchers found that over the following four years- as children went from age 10 to 14- the lung function growth rate of children in the most polluted community was about 11 percent lower than that of children in the least polluted community.

This is similar to the 10 percent lower growth rate that Children’s Health Study investigators previously reported based on a group of 1,498 fourth graders followed from 1993 to 1997.

Similar effects on lung function were observed in boys and girls, and in asthmatic and healthy children.

“As in the previous study, we found that the association of slower lung function growth with air pollution also was stronger in children who spent more time outdoors,” says Gauderman. “This is what we would expect if outdoor air pollution is having a detrimental effect on children’s lungs.”

Acid vapor was a key offender in both the current and previous studies, Gauderman notes. Acid vapors encompass nitric, formic and acetic acids and, like other pollutants, come directly or indirectly from vehicles burning fossil fuels, emissions from industrial plants and other sources.

Nitrogen dioxide, fine airborne particles known as PM2.5 and elemental carbon also were strongly associated with reduced lung function growth. Much of the elemental carbon in the Southern California air comes from combustion of diesel fuel, so the link to carbon might hint at a general association between lung function and exposure to diesel exhaust particles such as those from trucks.

The latest findings also showed a link to ozone levels.

Millions of Southern Californians breathe polluted air every day, especially on days when levels of pollutants exceed state and federal standards for air quality. The area’s layout as a basin, as well as the typical sunny weather and omnipresent vehicle traffic, combine to keep high levels of pollutants in the air. Although polluted air has long been known to cause immediate symptoms such as eye irritation, coughing and chest tightness, long-term or chronic effects have been less clear.

Future research might find relationships between short- and long-term effects.

“Children in a community with high levels of pollution will be more likely than those in areas of cleaner air to be exposed to sudden episodes of very high concentrations of pollutants,” Gauderman says. Often, children have acute respiratory symptoms on high-smog days, and researchers plan to investigate whether reduced lung function growth rates might be a consequence of many acute respiratory reactions over time.

The researchers will continue monitoring students as they mature to see if pollution-related deficits in lung function growth persist into adulthood, resulting in a lower level of maximum adult lung function and, perhaps, increased risk of respiratory illness.

For this study, the California Air Resources Board routinely tests air in 12 communities, from Atascadero in the north to Alpine in the south. Locations in the Inland Empire were chosen because they were known to have relatively high levels of pollutants, while northern communities were chosen because they have lower pollution levels.

Over the last two decades, air quality in Southern California has improved. Says Gauderman: “These latest findings emphasize the need to continue the clean-up efforts.”


The study was initiated with support from the California Air Resources Board. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hastings Foundation provided additional funding.

For more information about the Children’s Health Study, visit the researchers’ Web site at: www.usc.edu/medicine/scehsc.

W. James Gauderman, Frank Gilliland, Hita Vora, Edward Avol, Daniel Stram, Rob McConnell, Duncan Thomas, Fred Lurmann, Helene G. Margolis, Edward B. Rappaport, Kiros Berhane and John M. Peters, “Association between Air Pollution and Lung Function Growth in Southern California Children: Results from a Second Cohort,” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Vol. 165, No. 13, July 1, 2002.

Contact: Jon Weiner
University of Southern California

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