Always hold your ground

In January of 1945, on a French battlefield during World War II, United States 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy’s unit was attacked by six tanks and waves of enemy infantry.

What happened next is the stuff of legends.

In the face of a seemingly insurmountable enemy and against all odds, Audie Murphy grabbed a .50-caliber machine gun and, with bullets flying past him, held his ground.

His heroic actions saved the lives of the men in his unit and earned him recognition as a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

What’s more, Murphy, as countless other Medal of Honor recipients before and after him, forged an epic legacy and left an indelible success lesson from which we can all learn and benefit: Always hold your ground.

Audie Murphy’s story is just one of the electrifying accounts of real-life heroes from whom we can learn life’s most significant success lessons. Among the others whose stories Ron White tells are U.S. Navy Admiral James Stockdale, U.S. Army Sergeant John McVeigh, and U.S. Marine Corps PFC William Baugh.

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