Simon took 1st Place, again!

Simon took 1st Place, again!

Productivity comes in many shapes and sizes and holds a different meaning or value for each of us. 


Do you perceive your ‘ways to be productive’ as easy or tough?  Perception, another excellent topic, forthcoming.

Being grateful for anything and everything you achieve is being productive. 

Being grateful fits in the ‘guarantee’ category.  There are few ‘guarantees’ in life, choose, create yours.  Being grateful equals great rewards to you.

Be it waking up with a positive attitude and embracing the day to clearing some clutter out of your life.  Set your mind to achieve it today.

Rather than procrastinate; tackle one, just one of those chores you need to get done.  You will be so glad you did and you should pat yourself on the back when completed to your satisfaction and crossed off that TO DO list.

Of course, we have that ‘don’t quit until everything planned and the unplanned are accomplished for the day’ group.  These people are constantly in a state of gratitude.

Their productivity gives them continual rewards, sets an important example with their children and other adults witnessing the growth in their life.

Productivity is an important piece to receive and achieve gratitude.  When you encourage and allow yourself to be productive in totally beneficial ways in your life, you set the stage with that energy to boomerang it right back to you.

When it comes to your business, it requires productivity as well.

Was it easier to carry several hundred plants out of the greenhouse and relocate them or to set an appointment with some to share our business opportunity?

Replacing the oil yourself or working the business?  Mowing the lawn vs calling someone to introduce the business?

Most likely 80% would rather do the hard labor without getting paid than work their business and earn money?

Which category are you?

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