Today is the first day of the rest of your life and you are on top of the world. sign-agreement

You listened intently to the Corporate Update Call last night and immediately got on the phone after hearing all this great information.  You filtered some of the statements and chose to leverage most of what you just learned.

What did you do with the information?

Wrote it down, called 3 people on my list to invite them to Wednesday’s Income Opportunity Call.

Two accepted and the third was already booked.  I told him, no problem, let’s jump on the site right now and give you a quick overview. “Your comfort level is important to me; I’m willing to take the time to help you, are you willing to accept?”

Within 25 minutes of  ‘point and click’ and showing him answers to his questions, all great ones; I welcomed him to the team and said let’s get you started.

You see, his questions were pointed to “what if…” and “don’t you think everyone would want to earn money every time their customer fills their tank or changes their oil?”

I knew he was in.  I didn’t ask, I recognized the ‘buying signs’ and welcomed him to the team.

Stay positive, set the stage and put the spotlight directly on them; not on your knowledge. Don’t push or convince and definitely don’t ‘talk so much you talk them right out of engaging”.

It needs to be their choice; you are the director in these relationships, directing them to the information that will make sense to them.  How do you know this?  You have already determined his / her wants, needs and goals.

He enrolled and we are scheduled to meet again today to make his first 3-way as a brand new Business Owner.

What a great feeling, connecting someone to exactly what they have been looking for.

Now my work begins, I’m responsible to help him build a huge business and I know just what to do.  We already agreed, he will personally enroll 3 people and we will both help them enroll 2-3 people.

What a great day it is and I’ve just gotten started; grateful to be a conduit of excitement for my new business partner and everyone willing to listen to me.

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