Are you sifting through the fertile soil?

This Week’s Millionaire Diet – Chew On This Daily (excerpts by Brad Hager)

Men (and women) achievers are developed the same way gold is mined.

Several tons of dirt must be removed to get an ounce of gold.

But you don’t go into the mine looking for the dirt; you go in looking for the gold.

That’s exactly how you develop leaders and successful relationships, look for the gold not the dirt, the good, not the bad.

The more gold you look for the more gold you find. Decide today to start looking for the gold in everyone you meet.

People seldom improve when they have no other model than themselves to copy.


Who are you duplicating?     Are you improving?             Do you need to choose new role model?
Who is following you?            Are they improving?            Do you need to become a better role model?

Are you leading through example?

Like iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.


Leadership – The Currency of Success

According to my good friend John C Maxwell; “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. I have to admit after years of building large successful businesses, developing wonderful long term relationships and raising two children (still working on this part) he is one hundred percent correct. EVERYTHING from your income, lifestyle, friendships to serving others and charitable giving is affected by leadership.
In any organization, be it a small family, a Sunday school class, a network marketing organization downline or a large corporation, the successful achievement of meaningful goals requires leaders who can bring people together to accomplish the extraordinary. Yet few people realize truly great accomplishments, allowing leadership to elude them as if it were a mysterious gift just for the chosen. However leadership and its enormous rewards are for everyone.. It is a currency not only for the rich or the private preserve of a few charismatic men and women, but for anyone with a true sincere desire, a willingness to learn and the courage to act. With it you can open doors and create lifestyle few ever know. Without it most will remain as sheep, living mediocre lives, being led around and working by those who have it.

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