Trickle or a Flood, you choose

Are you expecting greatness to come to your life as a trickle, a stream or a flood?

Is anything or anyone holding you back?  Are you holding yourself back?  It is time to break through the excuses and expect favor.waterfall

When believing abundantly / massively that you are worth a tsunami of greatness in your life, you have successfully broken through the obstacles that were in your path.

The doubt, the fear, the laziness, the confusion and all that held you back, including the naysayers.  There are plenty of those people around, they don’t expect greatness, they live status quo, complain, blame others and are quite satisfied with that.

Convert the excuses to powerful words and actions that achieve the goals, dreams and aspirations.  Allow the greatness in your life and remove all else.

Cleave the things and people in your way.

Receive the knowledge and accept openly the greatness.

Achieve the results you want, need and deserve.

Do you dream of anything bigger or better in your life?  Do you see yourself with huge changes for the better next year?  Or, do you see yourself in the same place mentally and physically as you are today?

You choose.  You paint the picture of what you want you life to resemble.  Use brilliant colors and allow the adrenalin to create a masterpiece.

Expect it to come to fruition and it will.

Do you have any obstacles holding you back?  Let’s discuss them.

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