Who, when and how do you Cold Call?

We all face different ‘attitudes’ answering the phone and sources to work from when cold calling leads.  Your attitude sets the stage for a successful call.old-phone

The number of calls, source of leads and your attitude result proportionately to your income.

Put a time line on how you do it; watch your results weekly and if not satisfied, switch it up.  Talk with your accountability partner, role play, participate in Builder’s Calls and expand.  Look outside the box if need be.  You are not alone; reach out to your team.

What are some of the common mistakes:

Your posture, talking too much or sounding like you are reading from a script.  It turns people off right away.

What are the most successful ways:

Be genuine when greeting them, confirming they seek an additional income stream from the internet and asking how you can help them.

Then listen and write notes.

Ask, “tell me more about that, you have my interest”

Comment, since you want to … repeat their list … do you have a pen and paper?

I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way until I was introduced to what has turned my life around.

Write this down:  http://your_website.com

You do have internet access, don’t you?

No?  That is ok, I’d like to bring you as my guest on to a call Wednesday evening at … or Thursday morning around 10:30.

Which works best for you?

If Thursday is the response; do a 3-way with your Leader of choice.


Now let’s hear how you do it differently and the results you achieve.

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Here is the script you have been waiting for. Unfortunately we can’t just give you copies since the script book Denise was reading from is copyrighted. There two books, the original script book and a supplemental, there may be a cd included (it depends on current promotion being offered). You will have to sign up and become a member, the membership is free. Their are hundreds of free recorded calls on the site you can listen to, they are worth thousands of dollars. The script books are worth every penny and then some. Don’t get only one of them, get both. This lady under promises and over delivers on everything she produces.
    Cut and paste the following link to your address bar: http://www.workathomeprofitzone.com/go/7562892p8
    Go Green Team looks forward to hearing some great testimonials.
    Go Green Team

  2. Denise agreed to share her scripts, which she delivers so very well. Practice makes comfort and she demonstrates it.

    They will be posted on the Resources page when available.

    Here is a great place to share what you do…

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