Trickle or a Flood, you choose

Are you expecting greatness to come to your life as a trickle, a stream or a flood?

Is anything or anyone holding you back?  Are you holding yourself back?  It is time to break through the excuses and expect favor.waterfall

When believing abundantly / massively that you are worth a tsunami of greatness in your life, you have successfully broken through the obstacles that were in your path.

The doubt, the fear, the laziness, the confusion and all that held you back, including the naysayers.  There are plenty of those people around, they don’t expect greatness, they live status quo, complain, blame others and are quite satisfied with that.

Convert the excuses to powerful words and actions that achieve the goals, dreams and aspirations.  Allow the greatness in your life and remove all else.

Cleave the things and people in your way.

Receive the knowledge and accept openly the greatness.

Achieve the results you want, need and deserve.

Do you dream of anything bigger or better in your life?  Do you see yourself with huge changes for the better next year?  Or, do you see yourself in the same place mentally and physically as you are today?

You choose.  You paint the picture of what you want you life to resemble.  Use brilliant colors and allow the adrenalin to create a masterpiece.

Expect it to come to fruition and it will.

Do you have any obstacles holding you back?  Let’s discuss them.


Who, when and how do you Cold Call?

We all face different ‘attitudes’ answering the phone and sources to work from when cold calling leads.  Your attitude sets the stage for a successful call.old-phone

The number of calls, source of leads and your attitude result proportionately to your income.

Put a time line on how you do it; watch your results weekly and if not satisfied, switch it up.  Talk with your accountability partner, role play, participate in Builder’s Calls and expand.  Look outside the box if need be.  You are not alone; reach out to your team.

What are some of the common mistakes:

Your posture, talking too much or sounding like you are reading from a script.  It turns people off right away.

What are the most successful ways:

Be genuine when greeting them, confirming they seek an additional income stream from the internet and asking how you can help them.

Then listen and write notes.

Ask, “tell me more about that, you have my interest”

Comment, since you want to … repeat their list … do you have a pen and paper?

I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way until I was introduced to what has turned my life around.

Write this down:

You do have internet access, don’t you?

No?  That is ok, I’d like to bring you as my guest on to a call Wednesday evening at … or Thursday morning around 10:30.

Which works best for you?

If Thursday is the response; do a 3-way with your Leader of choice.


Now let’s hear how you do it differently and the results you achieve.

Robert Kiyosaki speaks about the perfect business

Made for Success Quote and Commentary


“Articulate your dream to others and the power of it will draw them to help you accomplish it.” — Chris Widener

Chris’ Commentary:
There are only a few speeches in our country that we listen to regularly and are almost universally aware of. One of them is Martin Luther King’s speech, “I have a dream.” Did other people have that dream? Many. But what is so powerful is that we remember that Martin Luther King so eloquently articulated that dream. Because of this, many followed and the course of a nation was altered forever. This is a lesson that we could learn and apply in our daily lives. If you have a dream and only you know about it, it is really just a wish. When you begin to tell others about your dream you will be putting it into action and drawing them to help you achieve it. The fact is that most people don’t have a dream and when someone does, they get on board (Yes, some will be naysayers, but many will want you to succeed!).

Action Point: First, get in touch with your life dream if you don’t have one. Second, begin to tell others your dream. One good way to do this is to ask others what their dream is. Worst case scenario is they tell you they don’t have one but ask what yours is. Best case, you both share your dream and encourage one another to accomplish your dreams! Have at least one conversation today about your dream!

Access Current Eco Analysis

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Sample FLIglobal Business Cards

FLI-buscard-14HBFLI-buscard-14HB (horizontal back)

You can right click on any image and save it to your Hard Drive and upload to or your personal printer.

The issue is how to give you the matching front side with your specific information on it.

Anxious for Jeff to add these to the options.  He has already posted one you can have printed immediately on extremely high quality card stock.  It is in your Resources of your Virtual Office under Distributor Tools.



FLI-buscard-13HB (horizontal back)FLI-buscard-13HB









FLI-buscard-12VB (vertical back)FLI-buscard-12VB-v












FLI-buscard-11VB-vFLI-buscard-11VB (vertical back)

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