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…a seaside lesson in determination

When you find yourself facing seemingly insurmountable odds, consider the first days in the life of a sea turtle hatchling.

Buried beneath a foot and a half of sand, the sea turtle’s first test of survival is to break out of its shell…with a single temporary tooth. Free of its shell, the newborn must then dig its way through the wet, heavy sand to the surface. Given its size and strength, this exhausting task can take up to a week.

After finally breaking through the sand, the race for survival really begins! In hopes of avoiding any confrontations with natural predators, the young turtle waits to take advantage of the cover of darkness before scrambling toward the shoreline.

Once in the ocean, the newborn swims frantically for almost two days fighting powerful undersea currents over which they have no control before reaching the safety of the unanchored seaweed beds that serve as their homes.

If something smaller than the palm of your hand can do all that within the first week of its life, there’s no stopping you from overcoming every obstacle…all it takes is determination and a clear focus. Like the hatchling, you’ll reach your bright horizon by making sure that the details don’t become a distraction and that your gaze is fixed squarely on your goals. You can do it!

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Take action to stop tree migration and other effects of global warming

Trees are the latest species seeing shifts in migration patterns due to global warming. In a study led by the U.S. Forest Service, 11 out of 15 northern-species trees shifted on average more than 12 miles north from their older counterparts.

We must take action to stop tree migration and other effects of global warming >>

Not only does the shift in migration of trees reflect the undeniable presence of global warming and the changing of our world, but it also threatens the biodiversity of the forests and our nation’s reliance on the natural resource.

Forest ecosystems are an extremely important natural resource to the U.S., considering that one-third of the nation’s lands are forests. But the altered migration patterns could change this.

According to the study’s projections, U.S. species such as the yellow birch could move well beyond the Canadian border by the early 2100s.

Tell Congress to help protect our forests – and our earth – from global warming >>

Thank you,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Organizing for America

Americans have organized Economic Recovery House Meetings in all 50 states — including 382 in California, 255 in Florida, 115 in Ohio, 199 in New York, 105 in Washington, and 149 in Texas.

That’s more than 3,587 meetings in 1,579 cities and 429 congressional districts.

This past weekend, meeting hosts and guests watched a video of Governor Tim Kaine answering your questions about the president’s recovery plan. Then they shared their own stories about how the crisis has affected them.

Watch Governor Kaine’s video and share your economic crisis story.

The media is filled with numbers about the economic crisis. But the numbers do not tell the full story.

The story of this crisis is in homes across the country — homes where a family member has lost a job, where parents are struggling to pay a mortgage, and where college tuition has slipped out of reach.

That’s also where the story of our recovery begins — in communities where repairing roads and bridges, manufacturing green technologies, and rehabilitating our schools and hospitals will directly impact the lives of ordinary people and their families.

President Obama’s recovery plan will help struggling families right now by saving or creating up to 4 million jobs. But it will also help strengthen our economy for the future by investing in crucial infrastructure projects in health care, education, and energy.

Share your story about how this economic crisis is affecting you and your family and join your fellow Americans in supporting bold action to speed our recovery:

Thank you for organizing so much support at this crucial moment for our country,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Vatican Radio bows to pressure on electromagnetic radiation

Monday, 9 April, 2001, 21:09 GMT 22:09 UK
Vatican radio bows to pressure

The station broadcasts the pope’s speeches in some 40 languages

The Vatican, in an effort to stop Italy from cutting off electricity to its radio station following a row over electromagnetic radiation, says it will cut some of its transmissions after Easter.

The surprise decision was announced a day before Italy’s Environment Minister Willer Bordon was due to hold a news conference to announce measures against the station.

The minister has accused Vatican Radio of exceeding Italian laws on radiation and of being a health hazard.

Last month, Mr Bordon threatened to cut off all electricity to the radio’s transmission centre on Rome’s outskirts.

The antennas violate Italian law.

Residents have claimed that the radio’s forest of large antennae have resulted in a higher incidence of leukaemia in the area.

Vatican Radio, which broadcasts the Pope’s speeches and events to the world in some 40 languages, announced its decision on Monday hours after the latest tests ordered by the environment ministry confirmed that the transmissions violated Italian standards.

Shut down after Easter

The statement said the broadcaster would shut down its medium wave transmissions on the 1530 kHz band for seven hours a day beginning on 16 April, the day after Easter.

That waveband is currently used for 14 hours a day and so the shutdown would affect some 50% of broadcasts on that frequency, which is primarily used for broadcasts in Europe.

A Vatican Radio spokesman said broadcasts on short wave, which is beamed to other continents, and FM, which is used for Italy, would continue as normal.

The statement said it was “presumed” that the AM antennae, whose broadcasts are sent in horizontal waves, were the reason why the broadcaster exceeded Italian limits.

Minimising risk

The statement confirmed Vatican Radio’s willingness to seek a long-term solution on transmission levels that would “minimise the risk to the population”.

Like Vatican City itself, the transmission centre is on extraterritorial land and considered part of the sovereign Vatican state.

Last month, Mr Bordon said the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment had registered three times the legal limit for electromagnetic radiation during one evening broadcast.

Since Vatican Radio was set up 44 years ago, Italy has introduced the European Union’s toughest limits on such radiation, dubbed “electrosmog” by the Italian media.

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