Tribute to Summer 2013

Tribute to Summer 2013

Confirmation of Summer in Central FL

Do you feel it? Enjoy and make the best of every moment!

What actions will you take on Earth Day 2013, April 22


There is something, be it huge or tiny, that each one of us can do every day to defend and protect our environment.  What is it you do?

EARTH DAY is that one day a year when we should have Zero Tolerance to the ignorance and neglect of our planet. Be positive, be proactive, think about how good you will feel when you exercise your right to be good to the planet.

DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will help the environment.

  • How about remembering to power down the power strips?
  • Maybe picking up the trash rather than walking over it?
  • Not driving or watching TV for a day?  Oh my; what could happen?
  • Decide not to apply toxic chemicals to your lawn, laundry or lettuce.

These may sound silly and yes they were intended to;  Bring humor, gratitude and excitement into whatever extra effort you choose to put into Earth Day (how about every day)?

Signed, the eternal optimist

Today April 7 in History, THE Masters

1940 – 7th Golf Masters Championship: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 280

Hoot / Hoot / Hoot – Masters Week starts tomorrow.

Sending good vibes for excellent weather conditions; here are some good feeling images:





First showers of the year producing much appreciated blooms





Phalaenopsis ‘peppermint candy’

Phalaenopsis 'peppermint candy'

Longest blooming PHALAENOPSIS I’ve experienced

Happy Spring to all

Happy Spring to all

Right on the verge of a surge in growth

Sending Gratitude to all that have shared my posts this year

Learning something new every day is the only way; electronic signatures

Although I’ve been using another Adobe program to ‘electronically sign’ documents without any fee; not everyone has that version of Acrobat.

Today I learned of a new (also free) way to do it using ECHOsign

Some are still having to print the document, sign it, scan it and fax or eMail.   SAVE TIME and money and energy and CO2 consumption.

If you find it simple and useful, pay it forward and help other small business owners and Individuals leverage free tools online (with value)… C

convenience of electronic signatures which are legal

School Lighting Upgrades Save Money while removing toxins « earth energy Solutions GROUP

School Lighting Upgrades Save Money while removing toxins « earth energy Solutions GROUP.
Congratulations to the Students, Faculty, Administrators and guests being able to breath cleaner air and exposed to reduced

toxins.  LED obviates the toxins, including mercury and PCB’s but every step in energy reduction is positive for the environment and the economy.

ALL schools can save money if the Facilitator / Energy Specifier is thorough, honest and provides accurate data, historical and 10 year projections.


How to make decisions today and tomorrow facing so many unknowns

YOU Create it.  Think outside the box, step outside the box and make it happen.

EXPECT CHANGE and allow yourself to adopt and embrace:







Change, yes, change is inevitable and how we prepare for | respond to it determines the results.  Choosing, first and foremost, to make those results favorable and positive to you and those touched by the action / reaction.

There are many words / actions / perceptions from the words you can fill in for each letter in the word CHANGE but know that confidence will harness achievable notions until generating experts.  We are all experts; at what does not matter.

What does matter is that we release the expertise we have harnessed over the years.  The years change, attitudes, hope or hopelessness prevail.  You must choose which will serve you and those you love best.

I dare scream … choose to be confident, fulfilled by the challenge and grateful for the outcome… CSea

We have always know there are two sides to everything.  I’ll never forget hearing it from George Burns on stage in Las Vegas, there is a top to every bottom, a left side to every right side, an end to every beginning, etc. etc.  There was attitude in what and how he said it but everyone got the gist of his message.

Being proactive, aware of potential circumstances will effectively arm us with the knowledge to obviate / defeat the downside.

Laurie is worth watching reading and anticipating beauty.

Tuesdays with Laurie

In Numerology, the Life Path Number represents natural characteristics, talents, and traits based on a person’s date of birth. On the day you were born certain powers were bestowed upon you that will be with you your entire life long. The Life Path Number describes the nature of your journey through life.

A person’s name may change (i.e., marriage, divorce), but unlike your name—your date of birth is unalterable and its personal vibrations shape every event or incident in your lifespan.

The Life Path number is the sum of your date of birth. It’s important to note that every Life Path Number has both positive and negative vibrations. It’s up to each of us to determine which one we’ll follow.

We’ve all known couples who don’t get along. They seem to constantly be at loggerheads because neither can understand or accept the other’s principles.

[bctt tweet=”Do you know how to…

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Energy Kids


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Energy Kids.  There are so many healthy, fun and beneficial Green Projects related to educating our Children.

Do you have more you would like published?

Are you available and qualified to create a Presentation demonstrating a new way for our Students to THINK about sustainability?

eLearning | specialize in your preferred energy related sector

eLearning | specialize in your preferred energy related sector.

We respectfully invite Veterans, Active Military and / or their Families (as young as 8 years of age) to benefit from FREE Energy Industry related eCourses.

Honoring our Veterans and creating their accountability / oversight / support of our Home School Program.
REGISTER NOW, classes begin November, 2012

naturally fight against infection of west nile virus

English: The proboscis of an Aedes albopictus ...

English: The proboscis of an Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on human blood. Under experimental conditions the Aedes albopictus mosquito, also known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito, has been found to be a vector of West Nile Virus. Aedes is a genus of the Culicine family of mosquitoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although many counties are seeing the same new species of bird, appropriately named the mosquito, we all must be diligent about mitigating contraction of the west nile virus.

There are many ways to reduce the mosquito population around your own home but you cannot control your becoming dinner to these guys that are starving elsewhere you go.

Choose an over the counter protection with as few harmful toxic chemicals as possible or make up your own non-toxic concoction.  Many prefer Neem oil and I could name at least a dozen cultural options but will get right to what has worked for me for years.

Something I learned over a decade ago when living without screens in the West Indies.

  • inexpensive unscented lotion
  • if bottle is 8oz, use 7 drops each of cinnamon oil and clove oil.  If larger or smaller, adjust accordingly, you may increase clove oil by 3 drops but know the scent will strengthen as well.
  • Shake vigorously before each application.
  • These natural oils may burn your skin; test for sensitivity prior to applying to body and I found it safe for cheeks and neck as well

WARNING:  pure oils may burn your skin with direct contact, please mix as above before testing.

Remain vigilant and protect yourselves, your elders and your children.  BIC… CSea

Major progress in removing toxic chemicals from consumer products

Great news heard this morning on CBS.

Noting that Johnson & Johnson recognizes the toxic chemicals in their products and have stated they will remove them from all their products by 2015.

So relieved to see they have admitted it and will have toxic chemicals removed from Baby products by 2013 and the rest of their products by 2015.

We have tolerated (most likely without full knowledge or disclosure) these chemicals because of synthetics having a lower price tag.

In order for us to use non-toxic shampoo, soap, moisturizers etc, we have to up the ante and pay more for safety.

What is right with this picture?  What is wrong with this picture.

We call ourselves ‘mitigatetoxins’ on Twitter for a reason.

Joy to J&J now hoping the rest of the industry follows suit.

Welcome Summer; conserve our natural resources

As we welcome Summer 2012 here in the US, we need to do it with earnest respect and awareness of the consequences of the event. Cause and Effect.

Three prominent and often ignored effects of Summer are dry conditions, health concerns and energy consumption issues; larger than we allow ourselves to realize.  However, you can and should do something about it.  Forewarned is forearmed; be ecoWise to the conditions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

You may feel it most without hydrating yourself or properly insulating your domicile or offices. The fearful fire danger, carelessness of humans and lighting are even more reasons we must conserve our natural resources, water is critical to fighting these fires.

If you wish some ‘common sense’ shortcuts to mitigate or avoid the potential consequences, allowing you to fully enjoy the plentiful benefits of Summer, request them below.


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